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2 weeks post lap.. tummy pain

My belly still hurts in some places but not the sight of the wound. Its around my stomach underneath my belly button. Will this be because they obv had a good look around inside? And is it normal 2 weeks post lap? I just want answers now tbh... I want my follow up app and to find out why they didn't remove the endo! which is still causing me pain!

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I was still in severe pain (still taking oramorph) two weeks after both my previous laparoscopies, and still in more pain than usual up to around 6 weeks after. Everyone is different. In my case after the first lap the surgeon removed everything she could see, and the second time she didn't even attempt to remove most of it. It is frustrating waiting the follow up, especially when you still have so much pain. I hope you get the answers you are after.


Thanks hun, they found endo in my pouch of douglas and adhesions but didn't bother removing anything, which is frustrating to say the least.. thanks for replying. X


Kelzibubbles reply to your question has reassured me too. I'm a week post lap and have had the worst day if pain yet... Paracetamol, codeine, tramadol and still not shifted. I wasn't allowed to come out of hosp on morphine ( even though I'd been in 8 days for them to try and control pain) so I'm a bit stuck what to do now. I have the soreness below my belly button too, but the Worst pain is between my groin and bottom - it feels like a poker in there. The consultant said i have endo in the pouch of douglas and rectal wall too but that they couldnt remove it due to the risk of perforation - maybe thats why they left yours too?? I'm not glad anyone else is in pain too but I feel better knowing I'm not alone. Thanks ladies x


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