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Hi all. I just wondered if any of you have over active bladder/ pain sometimes after urinating? If so, is this caused by endo (if no obvious bladder problem otherwise)? Also does endo cause bloating?

Im having a lap this week for possible endo and I just wondered if anyone else has these symptoms? Im quite new on here and don't know much about endo, seems every doc I talk to days different things! X

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Hi, I was diagnosed with endo in 2011 after years of suffering and mis-diagnosis. I have and still suffer with my bladder, constantly going for a wee, pain during and after urinating and since my second lap in June I've had 3 water infections. I also suffer with bloating and constant pain. Once youve had your lap this week you will have answers and be able to work out what the next step is. Good luck and remember to rest and relax after surgery X.


Hi. I'm

Sorry to hear you are suffering so much. I was really bad until they put me on the pill, now my pain is controlled to a certain extent but still have bladder issues and constant bloating. Thank you so much for your reply, it helps a lot xx



I would reccomend you do some research into interstitial cystitis. It is a condition often found in women with endometriosis. It causes chronic bladder pain and frequency. It is not easy to treat but there are treatment options to try. Good luck X


Hi thank you for your advice. I will look into it x


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