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first appt with fertility specialist and annoyed at what he knew that I was never told!

so last year I had an ectopic pregnancy and after the lap the consultant told me everything was fine nothing was damaged or removed and all looks ok in there now. I later read on my discharge paper that I had the right tube removed, asked my GP to get a report of what was done, when I went to see the report and it was exactly the same as my discharge paper, why they hadn't thought to tell me this and explain I don't know, thought nothing else of it. After going back to my GP with bleeding in between periods and pain he thought I had endo, lap results confirmed this and that I would need IVF as the remaining tube is blocked. So the fertility consultant is taking a history and said have you ever been told about having endometriosis before the latest lap, so I said no but they didn't notice at my first lap a year ago so it must have been after although the symptoms had been going on for years, he had a look through the notes and said oh it says here they said you had endo and this was the reason why they had to remove the tube were you not told?!!! So I'm really annoyed that they hadn't told me it was only the GP that kept saying he wanted to refer because he thought that's what I had. On the plus side everything went well with the consultant he was lovely and we have chosen our clinic and waiting for an appointment although he said it could take up to 2 months to hear from them. Hoping you lovely ladies are having a pain free weekend x

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That's great you've been refered for ivf but how frustrating they didn't tell you! I had my fertility specialist appointment last week and was told a lot more info than at my post op appointment with the gyni which was a rubbish waist of time but after talking to fertility specialist I got answers and he's doing op to sort everything so we can concider ivf too!

It's awful they didn't tell you but I hope you now feel they're helping you and your moving forward, and wish you luck with ivf x


Aw thanks Lillyflower, wish you all the best for your op, hoping your journey through to IVF goes well! Will keep you posted, hope you will too xx


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