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Bleeding after sex whilst on my 2nd lot of prostap

Hi girlies I hope everyone is well.

Iv been on prostap for nearly a nearly a year. I was diagnosed with endo last August and started my first 6 months worth of prostap last september which finished in March this year just days after being off it the endo pain quickly returned and I was back seeing the consultant who put me straight back on prostap iv been on it since then and iv had no problems with it as before only since this week. Iv started getting back ache once again and for the past 4 nights on the run every time iv had sex iv bled after it. I had this problem before I was diagnosed and thrb started prostap and neve had it again until now.

Im due back to see the consultant in october when the prostap injection runs out.

Has anyone else had this??

Thanks in advance xx

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Hey there!

Yes, I am having a very similar experience. Prior to diagnosis I would sporadically bleed after sex, it wouldn't be every time but it would happen, I'd also be in pain for a good 2 days after. I went on Prostap for four months last year and sex was horrendous. Without going into too much detail, on one occasion I was in that much pain I couldn't actually get off my bf of the time. I was in complete agony with every slight movement. I did bleed on the odd occasion for the first month of prostap but then it eased. Up until the last few weeks I hadn't bled during sex at all. I have a new partner, we were dating for a long time before anything sexual happened, I'd not told him about the endo as I'd wanted him to see me for me without this disease being 'baggage' so to speak. We have only had sex three times and in two of those I have bled. The second time was horrific, it looked as though I had just started my period. I was so embarrassed and went along with the excuse that I'm built quite small.

I would be rest assured that you are probably one of many ladies out there that are experiencing this however this doesn't mean it is right, make sure you speak to your gynae about it. I am due to see mine next Friday, I intend to make quite a big deal of it as its abnormal for me since my 2nd lap and prostap.

All the best chicken!!



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