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Has anyone had constant bleeding/spotting with the mirena and decapeptyl, or the mirena and norethisterone? If so, has anything else worked?

I have had the mirena coil for 2 years now, and although my periods are lighter, And more erratic i continue to have them. I have also been on norethisterone at 45mg per day, for 3 months, but I still have pain and variable degrees of bleeding or spotting. Nothing seems to stop me bleeding, I even had spotting when on a 6 month course of decapeptyl last year.

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I had my mirena in for 21 months, and I spotted everyday, and still had heavy periods especially towards the end before it came out, it was an absolute nightmare for me, did not help pain or anything that they assured me it would do, I've since had an ablation (nova sure) still not sure how's that's working out as its only been four and a half months, they tell me up to six months to work, but am on waiting list for hysterectomy for stage four endo xx


I had constant bleeding with the Mirena and ended up getting it removed as it wasn't helping.


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