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Endometriosis, upset stomach and period


I'm new to the forum. I was informed I had endometriosis during my c-section with my little girl back in February. I had always had fairly painful periods but i just thought it was normal. At the time the surgeon said he would come and talk to me about it in recovery but he didn't so I'm not sure where the endometriosis is.

Since I've had my c-section, ovulation and periods have been more painful, but this month I've had a lot more pain on one side of my stomach and lower back and had quite an upset stomach. Is this all due to the endometriosis?

I'm not in any medication for the endometriosis.

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if i were you, go back to the GP as soon as possible and please do not leave it too long otherwise you will be more in pain... sorry to hear that you have Endo... but please go back to the GP urgently... x


I had similar to you and extensive endo was found during a lap and hysteroscopy which had penetrated my stomach. It was removed but due to close proximity to bowel I got the impression they actually removed 'as much' as was safe to do so. It worked a treat but sadly crept back. The pain was always right sided and still is years later! I get low back pinchy dragging pain, worse when sitting and get pain when bowel and bladder starts to fill which wakes me at night due to pain. Can't bear tight waistbands and get low back pain and sometimes pain on my right side from hip to knee. They think in my case as I am now menopausal it is likely to be adhesions (scar tissue) which adheres to other organs after endo lesions have cause inflammation and each surgery causing scar tissue worsening the situation. I tried Zoladex but it didn't work too well which apparently told the surgeon that it was more likely to be adhesions. Much is mentioned about endo and little about the subsequent scar tissue that often forms after surgery. This in itself can attach to bowel, bladder, ovaries etc and can result in pain, pinching and pulling, dragging affecting nerves. Of course if you haven't long had the surgery it may well be still trauma from surgery. The pelvic cavity takes longer to heal after surgery. This pain can refer to stomach, bowel, bladder and affect any organ. I agree surgeons should explain more post op.

I remember someone explaining roughly what they had found as I came round from my op, but it wasn't the consultant leading the op. I was so groggy I barely recall anything said. They showed me some pictures of the endo deposits and to this day I have no idea what stage of endo I had but I believe it was extensive, found it right pelvis adhering ovary to bowel one side and adhered the other side and in my stomach.


Thanks for responding. I've spoken to my GP, who I have an appointment with later in the week. He suggested having a chat and then making a gynae appointment who could go over the notes from the surgeon (hopefully the mentioned the endo) and go from there.


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