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Confusion!!! what is Raw Endometriosis?

had my Lap done and recived a letter to explain what was found and what they did. The letter states " Raw Endometriosis on both pelvic walls, pouch of douglas, utero sacral ligament adn both Ovaries" can anyone explain to me what raw endometriosis means please. Also i was told before lap that my right ovary was no good so die test and ovary drilling would be performed. Turns out my Left tube is blocked but they still drilled my left ovary to make it release more eggs.

very confused and have to wait 3 months for next follow up appointment

if anyone can shed any light please help

Thank you x x x

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Hi I believe raw means that it's active... Bleeding... I have active endo and old scar endo.... Gynae said that the old endo looks like coffee granules and the active endo looks raw and like a fresh graze/cut and sore.


Thank you. I thought that might be the case but wanted to check. they really dont explain anything to you. Before i left hospital they didnt tell me anything just sent a letter and now have to wait 3 months to find out what they mean annoying. thanks again x x x


No problem. I was really sore for ages. It hurt to cough and sneeze too. Hope you feel better soon and get your answers.


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