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question about cysts...warning tmi!!

I have two external cysts on my "you know what". One is just at the entrance to my vagina and the other is just underneath my clitoris right next to my urethra. The funny thing is that they both lie right on my scar that I got when I tore giving birth to my son (he still has a massive head lol). Do any of you lovely ladies have C-section scar cysts? I've heard that you can get endometrioma cysts in c-section scars and I'm thinking these must be like that. My son is now 6 but my cysts aren't that big really. One is marble sized but because of it being in the entrance I have almost constant thrush (sorry tmi) and the other one is the size of a garden pea. Because of where the smaller one is, when I got for a wee it's like when you put your thumb over the end of a hose pipe and it goes everywhere. They are both interfering with sex and making me not want to do it, I'm sure you need no explanation as to why! I've been referred back to the gyne to see about having them removed and I'm terrified they'll want to do it under local anaesthetic :O I'm not sure I could do that. Does anyone have experience with anything like this??

MissTeal (scared) xx

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Hi, i found a cyst when my son was 11 months old, got checked and nurse called in a doc who looked and started talking about biopsies, in the end they decided they would book me in to the doc at surgery who specialises in ladies stuff!! Spent 5 wks because she so busy waiting and worrying, to find out it was an inclusion cyst, very common on tear sites, when they dont heal perfectly smooth. Mine has been left because doesnt cause me any problems as such, so i can't give any advice etc on removal, but she was very good in making sure i was not worried anymore, and said it could easily be removed if it did cause any problems. So i can only presume it would be a fairly simple procedure and the healing would as it was when you had the tear, only smaller and less discomfort after as the new incision should be relatively small. Hope it all goes well for you,




Hi :) I just wanted to post regarding the removal of your cysts... I had a cervical polyp removed when I was 17 and they refused to allow me to have a general anaesthetic. Although it wasn't the nicest thing to have to go through it was bearable and there wasn't any pain apart from when they injected the local anaesthetic. I also had a cyst on my breast removed in the same way at 16. All in all if they decide that local is best try not to worry as it really isn't too bad, the thought of it is probably worse than the actual experience so don't panic :) hope you get things sorted soon! Best of luck xxx


Thanks ladies for your responses. I'm thinking they might want to remove the rest of the scar tissue down there too which would definitely need a general lol. I'm a bit funny when it comes to the private region as I was abused by my Dad and had to be examined when I was 5 which has given me a phobia. I'll be honest when I see the gyne and see what she says. xx


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