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Has my Depo-provera treatment stopped working? Pain, pain, pain

Hi ladies,

I dont post on here often so a little background info. My doctor unofficially diagnosed me with endometriosis around a year ago now after numerous visits to him about excrutiating pain before, during and after my periods. He wasnt keen on any surgery and sent me for scans. Althought these have revealed little about whats going on, he recommended I go on a method of birth to bring my periods and the horrific pain under to control- idieally, we wanted to stop my periods altogether or at least minimise their impact as much poss.

After attempting a few pills which only provoked migraines (I had a hunch!), I finally opted for depo-provera injections which he advised stopped periods in most women after 4-6 monthsish.

Ive been on the injection for around 9 months now and for the most part its been a beneficial method of reducing the pain and fatigue of my periods.

However, last week I started to experience the familar sense of impending doom when those cramps start up again! They were dull, but I knew the pain. Surely enough the spotting started the next day and continued for the next few days. The pain and fatigue was nowhere near as bad as with a standard period back in the day, but this has worried me Im scared the depo has stopped having the desired effect and each month the pain and bleeding its going to reach the level I was at around a year ago.

Has anyone else had similar experiences with this treatment? Could it be that I need something stronger to get my bloomin uterus under control or that the time has come to push my doctor for some substantial treatment i.e surgery?

Thanks for reading my ramblings,

lots of hugs


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There are two options really: have a lap to treat the endo OR increase the frequency of the injection.

Ideally endo management using contraceptives is better straight after removing the endo during a lap.

With the depo, only 50% of women stop bleeding on it. With regards to the endo it won't stop it, just help starving it. I found it great, but had to increase the frequency from 12 to 10 weeks and found that helped quite a bit.

Good luck whatever you decide x


Thanks for your reply cloudy rain.

I do remember my doctor mentioning that if the depo doesn't stop my periods after six months then it may be that I need a boost of hormones. I feared this as the hormones cause mood swings as it is! Bloomin endo!


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