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I'm new to this website and reading about people experiences it made me feel I'm not the only one and I can say to myself I really do understand how it feels because I went through it. I suffered with seveier period pain for the last six years.my doctor kept telling me its just bad period pain and I convinced myself aswell. Until begining of 2010 I ended up in hospital and I was diagnosed with endo followed by laparoscopic surgery it was confirmed I have endo stage 4 with multiple choclate cysts.straight after the surgeryi was given zoladex injection for 6 month.

Anyway to cut the long story short my symptoms returned after six months and I recieved several different advice and treatment plan.I felt very disapointed nd let down by the care I recieved and I couldn't bear considering going for a major open surgery which was the only option.

fortunatly ( and I want share this with people ad they may benefit from this) during my internet reserach I found a consultant by the name Mr ashwini trehan he is very renowned for doing radical excission surgery to remove endometriosis. Please refer to his website for information. Last month I had a radical excission surgery via laporoscopy and he managed to removed all the endo despite my condition being advanced stage four. Finding the right consultant made a huge difference psychologically. People generally visits Mr trehan once they had several operation without success I think its definatly worth a try.

I would like to thank everyone for sharing their stories.

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Hi, I have heard of this doctor did you have to pay? I would love to see him as I have had a terrible time with docs at my hospital, but I cannot afford to pay and I am miles away from him! Can you be reffered on NHS?



Unfortunately due to high demand for Mr trehan he takes NHS paitent from his catchment area only. I had travel long way to see him but it was worth it,his fantastic. I went privately healthcare insurance.

I wish you all the best finding some way to overcome your situation.


Hi sultana, I would be grateful if u could tell me what private health insurance I could get to cover Mr Terhan.


I have heard he is good, just need to win the lottery now lol. Thanks for the info xx


Yes i I had radical excision with Mr T in January of last year (stage 4 endo) . . I am always banging on about it on here . . . . a previous consultant had just said I was in such a 'mess' my only option was hysterectomy and oophrectomy. Absolutely not so. That was simply the best they themselves could offer . . . I too found Mr T's website and his way of treating endo and advice just made so much more sense.

I have been totally endo pain free for past 16 months and it was the best thing I could ever have done. For stage 4 endo, I believe it has the best outcome. Still have my own ovaries so no need for drugs or hysterectomy. Hysterectomy generally is only effective where endo is actually in the uterine muscle. Those of us with stage 4 tend to have it widespread within the abdominal cavity and so a hysterectomy without total peritoneal excision would not have given the results desired.

Let's hope some amazing person will come up with a breakthrough of finding how to prevent this in the first place.

Best wishes


I wonder if you could send me some details about this man at all. I'm literally at rock bottom at the moment. I had a failed lap with somebody else on nhs and they had left me with still endo near the vowel. I'm in so much pain and I just really want this sorted have you got any idea on how much the procedure would be privately please? Even if it's just a rough idea?

I would be self paying thank you

Laura x


I am a Stage IV very severe sufferer and I am about to undergo treatment with Mr Trehan. Like many, it is a distance to travel as i am in Essex and he is in Yorkshire, but at the consultation he made me feel very confident that he can indeed help me as I have now had 4 laps and 1 course of IVF which has absolutely screwed my insides. Of course it is costing a hell of a lot of money but if my Mum and Dad were not helping, I would be getting a loan as to have the possibility of getting rid of this disease and to be able to live and work again, far outweighs the cost! x


Hi, I'm new to this site, I read your story about mr. Trehan. Please could you give me advice as Iv have stage 4 endo and the nhs doctor is saying that I need to have a Hestortomy, as my womb and bladder are stuck to my Bowles


Hi please could anyone get back to me regards to mr.Trehans treatment.


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