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What questions should I ask?


Last Octobet I had a lap to remove an endometrioma cyst as well as the ovary and tube. The surgeon didn't remove any scar tissue (he said there was a ton), or any Endo. I'm seeing a new gyno who is supposed to be outstanding. I want to have surgery again to remove the scar tissue and Endo; how do I ask for surgery? What questions should I be asking her. I've done my homework and appreciate the info from my support groups; but I'm wondering how to handle this in real life.

Thanks Friends

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Hi Mcnielal

My GP advised me to keep a pain/symptom diary when she referred me back to the consultant last year. It was the best advice Ive been given as I really think that's what helped me get my 2nd lap. Each day I'd write what kind of pain I was feeling (eg. aching, stabbing, cramping, shooting pain etc.) where it was located (ovary, uterus, bladder, back etc), if I took any painkillers and how that affected my pain, how it affected me in work, what other symptoms I had (nausea, exhaustion, bloating etc). My consultant was lovely - she took her time and asked me questions which I felt I was better equipped to answer because everything was there in my diary (when was my last period, how that compared to the one before, how bad the pain was etc). Based on what I told her and what I'd written she could see how my pain was getting worse so referred me for a lap. I would definitely keep a diary, or prepare some questions and things you want to say when you're with the consultant (so you don't kick yourself afterwards thinking 'I wish I'd said such and such'). Be honest - tell them how much you need one and how the endo is affecting your life. Hope this helps x


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