Doctors strikes next week?!?

Hi all, I'm supposed to be having my lap next week to remove the Endo and scar tissue. I'm reading a lot in the paper about the doctors strikes on the 26th. My surgery is scheduled for the day before (25th). I'm concerned there might be a knock on effect though where my surgery is cancelled or I'm asked to go home a bit sooner than planned due to staff shortages. Does anyone know much about it. As the surgery is the day before is it likely to have an impact? Any info welcome because I'm getting seriously stressed now. I've been waiting for my op for so long and had to rearrange my life around this date including childcare for a 1and a 4year old :s xx

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  • my lap is the 25th and I'm feeling exactly the same. I'm hoping things catch up this week so everything is ok to go into hospital Monday, then the delays will start again Tuesday with the next strike. xx

  • Well u did manage to get hold of someone on the appointment line and she said she couldn't comment what it will be like once the strikes start the day after (which I guess will impact us if we stay in) but she said there shouldn't be any issues at all the day before. I don't know if it depends on the hospital you're in (I'm bristol-southmead) but hopefully that can put your mind at ease a bit. Xx

  • thanks, hopefully we will both be ok then. I'm at Birmingham women's hospital. good luck xxx

  • You too :) xx

  • just seen that meets werk strike has been cancelled :) so shouldn't be affected at all xxx

  • Great news, thanks for letting me know 😊 xx

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