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Nothing found in Lap...happy and sad news

Hey all,

I had.my first lap yesterday afternoon, but although they highly suspected endo, they found nothing -the node they found in the scans is gone and I don't have endo...

Which obviously is great news, but now I'm just a girl with loads of worsening symptoms and no answer or ideas of what it could be :(

Feeling very lost and emotional.

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Very happy for you that its not endo :) but now the annoying thing of trying to find out what it is thats wrong. Hope doctor is useful and gets to bottom of it for you. xx


I had investigations 10 years ago, as I was constantly flooding throughout the month and losing clots. They found nothing, last October I had my ovary and tube, clusters of endo removed and my bowel detached from my womb. I think it could have related and the start of my problems. Hope you get some answers.



maybe pcos?


I had my first lap a month ago, and all though my GP said to me yes it has to be endo!! .... They found nothing!!

However on one of my monthly trips to out of hours care I saw a doctor who told me I could have a pin prick of endo (that they wouldn't see) that can cause as much pain as someone that's riddled with it and vise versa someone who is riddled may not know they have it until they are looking for something else.

This has given me a bit if hope that I'm not insane!

I hope it helps you too!!

Good luck xx


Hiya Vix06, I've had two laps. One in Dec 2010 and one two weeks ago today. Both times consultants (diff consultant for each op) were convinced they would find endo, and both times they have seen none. Doesn't mean it isn't there, as Primrose84 mentioned it could be so small or even just developing. The consultant did say to me this time though that he is convinced its something called adenomyosis. Similar to endo and very difficult to diagnose, I think they can only tell for certain after checking the uterus post hysterectomy. As I'm only 24 I'm not going down that route yet, but I trust his judgement. As yet though I haven't had chance to talk to him. Waiting for follow up appointment. Might be worth seeing if you can go back and discuss options with them anyway? I hope you manage to find the cause of the pain. it's so tough having no explanation for what we go through!!All the best Xx


I have also just been told after my lap that they found nothing and now I have read about this Adenoyomsis I'm starting to wonder if it may be that because I don't believe these pains etc are nothing. As u say though about the post hysterectomy I'm also a bit too young for that option :(


Hi Vix. I'm sorry to hear you didn't get the answers you were looking for :(


Hi everyone, thank you for your kind words, ideas and suggestions. I'll talk to my gp and see what they say! Hopefully we can follow an idea and get some answers!

Thanks again :) xxx


Well I can totally understand how you are feeling.. In October 2010 I went in for a lap after being in total agony, flooding, collapsing you name it for months. My then partner ( a real gem) tried to put it down to everything from an std to over active imagination and the endo specialist was certain that it was bad endo. Well I was in theatre for hours they did some extensive diathermy and my appendix was fused to my bowel. They sent me home with paracetamol 2 hours later and told me I didn't have endo.. No one has ever bothered or been interested in what the cause was. The gp then discovered I had a horrendous b12 deficiency and serious anaemia for which I will be on injections for life and no no ones knows or is bothered about what caused this either.. I have been on every hormone tablet going, lost hair etc. sorry I will stop rambling but my point is they don't seem to give a toss and maybe I'm bitter but I just struggle on on large doses of codine which incidentally they are happy to prescribe I can't be bothered to do the hospital rounds again but the point is dont assume they know what they are doing if you believe they are wrong challenge them! The anaemia which would eventually be life threatening was diagnosed by accident by a locom gp not by any hospital or specialist so KEEP going! Rant over! Good luck x


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