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Help, is it normal to be feeling like this 5 days after lap!

I had my op last Wednesday, not only am i confused with what they found as i have been told many different things but im still in so much pain.

They removed adhesions on my uterus and endo from both my ovaries. Its day 5- im still in lots of pain. Bleeding loads, horrendous pain in my stomach, nose bleeds, head aches and sickness. I can't get my head around things. Is all of this normal? I just can't see the light at the end of the tunnel!

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Oh bless you, I was still tender after my lap for a while. I had headaches and nosebleeds, I advise that you see your doctor or got to an optician, my optic discs were swollen and ths causes pressure around your sinus and headaches. Don't want to scare you but I went on to have a CT and MRI, and lumbar puncture to check the pressure in my spinal fluid. There is a condition called Idiopathic intracranial hypertension and is hormone related. Do you have any visual disturbance with your headaches???



Thanks jay, i have always suffered with headaches the last pill i was on left me in hospital fort 3 weeks with a numb left side of my face. The gyni said when she fitted the coil that it wouldn't have the same effect. I had 6 lumbar puntures but that was last Feb.

I've just had a bath to try and cool me down. Im so hot and sweaty, its gross. Im only 23 and can't believe im actually having to go through this. I have my wedding in 8 weeks and i really can't get excited about it because the pain im in.


Call the gynae ward and ask them if they want to see you. You could have picked up an infection. Pain wise it can take a long time to recover, I was still in pain 3 months after my big hole operation, it really does depend on what you had done inside you.

Being sick, having headaches and nose bleeds is not a normal reaction to surgery, though it could be your body reacting to the anaesthetic or meds, it is best to get checked for infections too as they can be tough to fight off when your body is struggling to heal anyway from the surgery.

Hope you're feeling better soon.


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