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Had 4 zoladex injections but pain is back :(

Hi, just wondering if anyone else is having the same experience....I had a laparoscopy in Feb then was put on a 6 month course of zoladex. Had 4 injections so far but the pain and sickness has come back! It's basically the same as it was before I had the op, which is really frustrating.

Also at first my work were understanding, but because I had the op they seem to have 'washed their hands' of it and think there should be nothing to worry about, like it should all be over now, but I have to explain that it hasn't worked.

It's just all really frustrating, got to go back to the doctor and see what I can do next. Has anyone else had a similar experience?


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Hi Pea

I had Prostap rather than zoladex but the end result should be the same. The injections are meant to switch off your hormones so the pain stays away and you feel more like your pre-endo self.

If the pain you are experiencing now is at the same level as before the injections then it doesnt sound as though your body is responding as expected to the zoladex. It may be possible for you to try alternative GNRH injections such asProstap or Decapeptyl. If those arent an option for you then it may be time to consider other forms of treatment such as the Mirena Coil or types of the contraceptive pill.

Are you still being seen by your gynae as it would be helpful for your GP to ask for you to be seen sooner in the outpatient clinic, if so?

I think myself and many endo ladies have gone through the scenario of workmates and also employers not understanding that one op cannot cure endo. It is an ongoing battle and all ladies respond differently to treatment. I am sure you would rather be back at work and healthy than being signed off sick with endo symptoms or going to work not 100%. Please take heart from the fact that we on this board understand how you are feeling.

Take care

Caroline, x



Thanks so much for your reply. I am going to see my doctor this week to explain it so hopefully they can offer something else then and hopefully see the consultant gynacologist again.

I'm scared of having the Mirena Coil as I don't like the idea of it (probably silly I know) so hopefully there will be other options to zoladex like you say.

Thanks again xx


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