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Second opinion, what questions should i be asking?

I'm new to this site so i'll just give you a bit of backgroud. Lap done 17/08/11, endo found on ovaries, behind my womb & in the ligaments holding my womb in place. I had no follow up appt & was told to just keep tricycling microgynon. The pain subsided for about a couple of months then groin pain, pelvic, rectal, hip & lower back pain started again, i got referred to the gyno again 6 months later who basically said another lap wouldn't be done so soon, he did an internal which was very uncomfortable & said he thinks i have a bladder infection...turns out i didn't...surprise surprise. I ended up complaining about him & asked to see someone else which apparently i wasn't able to do, i saw him again in October & he was better with me but still very dismissive, he gave me some painkillers & some medication to take whilst i'm on my period to reduce bleeding....never had heavy periods they have always been light but painful. I'm now 29, single & no children, i can't even think about a relationship until this is all sorted, last time i had sex was 18 months ago & it was so painful i ended up in tears! I'm always having hot sweats & i'm always so emotional... No one seems to understand & i feel like a hypercondriac...i went back to my docs who have now referred me for a second opinion at a different hospital & my appt is tomorrow... I just need a bit of advice as to what to say, i'm rubbish at this kind of thing!

Thanks in advance xx

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Just tell him/her what's gone on. I've been on microgynon for 6 years (except for when I've had both of my children) so altogether about 4.5 years and it hasn't done anything for my suspected endo and pains etc. Its good your getting a second opinion. Just tell them all your pains, your previous lap and what your previous gynaecologists have said. Hopefully they will sort something out now. I can't believe you had to go back to same gynaecologists after saying you didn't want to. Good luck! X


Thanks for replying. I'm just worried i'll be fobbed again, i know i just need to man up ha! I don't think Microgynon is helping me either, i've been on it for 10 years & my hormones are all over the place...think it's probably time to try something different but i'm just concerned that whatever they put me on will effect my fertility but i know something has to change! X



My best advice is to sit down quietly and make a list then produce the list when you see the doctor/gynae and ask your questions. Its very easy when your nervous to forget what you wanted to ask/say.

It works for me

Good Luck

Persil xx


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