Video about endo and laparoscopy that i made for people who don't know abut endo, unplanned and rough... enjoy

A video I made while I was healing, unplanned and very informal. Made this to give the basics to people who are unaware of endometriosis in my life and once I made it I thought others may find it informative/entertaining.

let me know what you think xx

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  • Having endo, I obviously know what it is. But I have never seen it explained so simply, thoroughly and so easily. So thank you. I'll b passing this video on to some of my friends and family that dont quite understand what it is that I have. Well done!

  • thankyou, yeah I did wonder whether to upload this here (as I am sure that this community represents some of the best informed people about the condition). But as you say I made it with less informed friends and family in mind and wondered if you guys thought it was useful. I am so glad you think so :o)

  • what an excellent explanation....i first started with problem over 30 years ago and really had to read up and dignose myself in those days. my consultant later said to me i was more expert in this than he was because i read up everything on the subject and the medical profession could not possibly do this. i eventually had a hysterectomy at 45 but still to this day can feel that pain in my diaphragm xx

  • thankyou, it was really cathartic to make that video. I have often thought that these days patients are more in a position to become experts of a condition because usually patients concentrate and dedicate so many more hours of study to their perticular condition/treatments than a physicial ever will as the physician will need to spread their study to many different conditions. Plus no one is more dedicated to the search for the answer than the patient no matter how compassionate the physician. My new goal is to find a doctor who is not threatened by this (they are out there.. I have met some of them :)) I am sorry if you are still in pain now x I hope my journey will be similar to my mothers as she has remained in employment full time all the time and rarely even needs to meantion it. If the world is going to give me the endo genes then please give me the awesome coping genes aswell!

  • thanks for yr v prompt reply and i agree. my consultant was fab although he had been treating me for infertility for 6 years before my symptons appeared shortly after my subsequent baby was born. i always thought that was when it started because that was when the really really bad pain and the shoulder pain started. i had always suffered from painfull periods as had my mum before me. strangely enough my 2 sisters didn't.i realise now the infertility was probably due to endo too. i have always worked even spent 8 years as a door to door rent collector where my 'people' always knew i had to use their loo to 'change' how i did it now looking back i dont know. it often brought me to my knees and often fainted with the pain.....carry on educating us. [i might add that even now i get really emotional and maungy when i have to remember those days of pain xxxxxx

  • I have no idea if I am fertile or not...... I need to figure out if I am in a position to find out... I am feeling quite up and down emotionally at the moment due to this. Thankyou for sharing your past with me, I am so glad I joined this website already. I have been surprised by the support (and lack of) I am getting from the people in my life so its great to have contact with people who understand xx

  • it good but i am hard of hearing and i do not understand what you are saying or explain what does happen sorry i reject that as i have it on my pouch of douglas and there is no diagram of that!!! so i still do not understand how to be honest!! i havent got a clue with me!!! so sorry i rather have a video with subtitles what you are saying or write it down on here!!!

  • sorry I don't quite understand your message in its entirety (for example I don't know which part of your response you mean what you say "I reject that") so I hope you will bare with me and I will try to reply to what I did understand. I am sorry that the video does not include subtitles.. I wish I could make the video more inclusive to everyone. Sometimes youtube includes subtitles and sometimes it does not. I am new at making videos so if I figure out how to do that I will subtitles on but I know from experience they are often more comical than accurate. The video was supposed to be a very general overview for people so I did not include specifics such as the pouch of douglas etc because if I included every possible site of implantation the video would not be simple and would be too long for toe intended audience (my family and friends/viewers who know little about endometriosis). Thankyou for taking the time to comment x

  • Well done:) I am sure this will help many of us:) I had my lapo done last month and I am feeling great :)

  • I am glad that you are feeling great again and thankyou for your positive comment :o)

  • You very welcome:) we need to support each other:) Get better:)x

  • I lurve your video! Well done...I have tried to explain it to friends and family, but I don't think they still understand and so I will aslo be showing your video to them. The Endometriosis had caused my ovaries (one ovary had a big cyst and the other is small and was crushed) to callopse and stick to my bowel/rectum. I've not had any children and want them, I'm 39 is Sept and had a 3 month prostap injection in Dec and so I can't wait for my consulatant to say when we can try for a baby, if I have no luck, he will refer me to IVF, but I only have until I'm 40 as the funding stops for IVF then.......Hope you are right about been pain free, after my first op, my pain returned in 6 months and then was even worse than previously. I've heard that having surgery after surgery isn't the answer, because you get more and more scar tssue each time. Propstap (hormones to make me go through the menapause temporarily) hasn't changed my personality, but I ache more and have awful hot sweats and flushes. Good luck with everything and thanks for the video! xxx

  • Thankyou for all your info and again I am glad if anyone finds this vide useful. My mum has not had alot of hormonal treatments and has had a couple of surgeries to clear her up and that seems to have done the trick for her but I will have to wait and see what my symptoms show.

    She had her first operation when she was 27 and I think another when she was in her 30's... once every 10 years seems reasonable to me so I hope thats all I need *fingers crossed* xx

  • Crystal, Thank you for posting this video. I had the lap in September but mine included a 9cm chocolate cyst. I've been managing the pain as much as possible but in many ways the worse part is actually the emotional. I am 29 and am currently not interested in having children but endo has really thrown me for a loop. everything I thought I wanted and how I wanted them now has to be reassessed. Thanks for posting the video, I will share this with my friends and fam as well.

  • I am right there with you, I wanted to make this decision much later on but now the decision may be taken away its making me really obsessed with thinking about children... The emotional is definately the hardest part for me. I hope the video is useful and thankyou xx

  • Crystal, the Endometriosis Foundation of America just posted this video on facebook. It's pretty great you should definitely check it out.

  • What are you trying to say?! LOL

    yeah their video is awesome... I remember seeing it before when I was looking into endo before my diagnosis but I forgot where I had seen it. I love 3d videos that help me truly visualise what's really going on in there..... The voiceover woman sounds like Joanna Lumley which was amusing to me :o)

  • What a wonderful video; so eloquent and honest. Well done. xx

  • much appreciated xx

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