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Been told I am colic???

So for the past 2 years I have had terrible pelvic pains, bleeding between periods, back pains, heavy periods with extremely large clumps. I have had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy in November and although the hysteroscopy came up clear the laparoscopy showed adhesions on both my ovaries and extensive scarring which they put down to either old endometriosis or PID. I had a follow up appointment during which they had the biopsy results and the doctor told me I had endo. She was the 3rd doctor to come to this conclusion although the others had not seen my laparoscopy results. After about 2 months I started experiencing pains again and was told the endo was back. I went to a private endometriosis specialist yastrrday and she ignored my symptoms and said I must have had PID and I am probably colic although I told her I have no problems in the bathroom and can eat anything. How can crippling pelvic pain be colic? I end up in my bed crying during my periods and I hardly eat due to the pain on my left ovary (been told its another adhesion) I am in pain daily and I still bleed in between periods, as a nutritionist I am 100% sure I am not colic, I had ibs in the past and know the difference between the cramps. Has anyone else had their endometriosis confused with colic or is this new doctor right? Should I just give up and accept this colic business or listen to my Gp and get treated for endometriosis? Please help I am really confused and frustrated.

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Colic just means pain, if you have kidney pain you have Renal colic, Liver pain is Hepatic colic, Gall Bladder pain is Biliary Colic and so on.

Colic is simply pain. Pelvic Colic is aka iliac Fossa pain.

The iliac fossa is the area inside the cupped side of the pelvis, (inside your hips in other words) and pain in this region can be caused by any number of reasons, endo, cysts, adeno, adhesions, PID etc.

If they know it is adhesions then short of surgery to cut them back which will only ever be a temporary fix as it will grow again, then it is a case of pain management.

Bleeding between two periods is common when you ovulate and gets more common as you get older. It doesn't necessarily mean you have endo, but is can be a sign and as you have been diagnosed already, You really should be trying to find ways to stop your periods and thereby stopping so much of the endo from being active and bleeding and causing you yet more unwanted adhesions.

There are BC Pills, arm implants, and for my money the best of the bunch is the Mirena Coil.

they don't all suit every woman, but there are so many to try and if you can get back control of the bleeding and stop it, so much the better for your long term battle with endo and adhesions.

Perhaps you are thinking of colic in terms of what a baby gets after they have eaten, which is one form of pain,

but colic in the medical sense can be used in relation to pains from all the organs in the lower trunk of your body. It rarely has anything to do with what you have just eaten unless you are a breast feeding baby who goops up an needs winding.

Each surgery to tackle endo and cut back adhesions will only work for so long, and each surgery encourages yet more adhesions to grow, so it's a catch 22 situation.

Adhesions cannot be cured, they are your body creating scar tissue whenever it is injured, not just be endo but by any trauma. So it would be ridiculous to remove the body's ability to form scabs and scars and heal itself.

However in the tummy the adhesions just don't stop growing, till they have glued themselves to the next nearest surface and they still keep on growing and even get their own blood supply for the more advanced ones.

Vigorous activities can aggravate adhesions and cause pain as they pull the glued organs apart or try too, and these gluey adhesion strands pull on the surfaces they are glued too.

Can cause a lot of discomfort. and be quite crippling. gentle exercise is best, that doesn't over stretch you or cause you to pull your glued organs apart.

If the adhesions causing problems are on muscles, a muscle relaxing pain killer can help, otherwise keeping on top of pain relief and not over doing the activities is best advice I can give for adhesion issues. Some days will be worse than others.

In you last surgery did you have any of your endo lasered back or cut out? Or get your adhesions cut back? I have read on here that some ladies only last a couple of months post op before their symptoms return, others manage to last quite a bit longer. e are all different in how our own bodies decide to protect themselves with adhesions. For some it is a huge ongoing issue, others can have extensive adhesions but not suffer much as a consequence.

If your surgery was smply to diagnose then you need to be pushing for surgery to actually tackle the endo lesions and hopefully remove some of them entirely so they don't repeatedly bleed and cause more adhesion growth. It might not resolve your current pain issues though.


Hi thanks for your reply. I should have been clearer that the doctor said colic about an irritable colon. My laparoscopy was to diagnose and possibly treat and they did divide the adhesions and laser away the endo. I tried using the pill twice once for 6 months and one for 3 months but it makes my cramps much worse and I am constantly nauseous when on it


colorectal endo is pretty common endo on the surface, in the muscle or on the inside wall of the digestive tract. most commonly on the outside surface, but this can cause adhesions to grow around and constrict the intestines, colon or bowel.

It can be surgically removed if found to be endo causing bowel issues, but you do need to have an endo specialist colorectal surgeon on your case because it is a highly specialist type of surgery. There is a list of some of these surgeons on


if you need them.

If they are confident they did remove all visible signs of endo, that still doesn't mean they got it all, especially when you consider how many feet of intestine and colon you have to get checked.

If the docs want to put a camera up your rear end to check whether there are any polyps or signs of endo inside your waste pipes then do get that done, even if that is negative, it's a positive as it does rule out certain things.

If you are pretty certain there is nothing wrong with your loo trips and you are pretty certain that it is endo related pain, then it's up to you to push for more treament for endo, such as GnRH drugs for a few months to see if that helps ease the pain. if it does then you were right and it is endo related.

However these are cancer drugs and very powerful with some tough side effects you might have to get through, and it might be a waste of time if it doesn't relieve the pains.

It's hard of any of us to know how you feel with your pains, we can only make suggestions that you might want to look into.

At the end of the day it is you that has to decide what you want to aim for next.

Best of Luck finding out what's wrong.


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