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New to this site so glad i can speak to people who can relate x

Hi girls, you cant imagine how pleased i am i have come across this site. Im vicky and 25. All through my teenage years i was plagued by excrusiating pain in my pelvis tummy and lower back and the doctors always put it down to bad period pain. In the end i wouldnt give up and made the doctor do something, ths was when i was 19 prob 5 years after the pain started. I had scans and it showed cysts on my ovarys. The doctor sent me for a laporoscopy and the outcome was severe scaring of the folopian tubes and everything stuck together with scar tissue. After my op i never really herd anything back. I was only young and nieve and dint really follow it up. Ive been with my partner for 4 years and havn't yet concieved which i know this is the reason why. I am now getting the wheels in motion to go back to the doctors and demand something should be done, does anyone know if the doctor will be ale to go through with me what happened with the op even though it was a long time ago? It might sound like a silly question but ill be greatful for any advice. Thankyou for reading girls and im so pleased i found this group :)

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Hi Vicky,

I'm the same age as you and was diagnosed three years ago. I was lucky (kind of!) because I was rushed to hospital with pain so bad I was vomiting and I was haemorrhaging blood, so obviously they couldn't just fob me off and they had to find out what was wrong.

If you had an operation, the records will be on your medical file. What you need to ask is if they used laser therapy to get rid of the tissue sticking everything together, and if they did the blue dye test to test that you're Fallopian tubes aren't damaged and not allowing anything to pass through. Did the Doctor give you any extra contraception at the time? Are you actively trying to conceive now?

Also, are you still in pain now after the lap, or has it subsided?

Hope that helps a bit!



Thankyou for the reply jo :)

I dont know what the did during the operation but i did go for the dye where they put it in and did an xray. They told me i had scaring to my folopian tubes. I havn't been on contraception since i was 16 as i didnt want it to make it harder to concieve. I was with a different partner back then and we was going down the route of ivf but unfortunatly he passed away. I have now been with my current partner 2 years and have ad no look ttc with him either.

I am always in pain but as funny as it sounds i think i just get on with it and put up with it.

I need to get to the doctors and get some answers i really dont want to get to my 30's and realise it will be a lengthy process.

How are you after the op? X


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