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I'm scared

Hello, This is my first post.

I came out of hospital a couple of days ago and because of the time it took to come round after the General Anaesthetic the surgeon had gone home. I had my notes to read and it said they has discovered severe endometriosis, there was other terminology that I didn't understand and I'm just a bit scared by everything. There was no one to speak to about what happened after I'd left the day surgery. The surgeon spoke to me briefly when I'd just come to but I was very sick and said he would come back to speak to me but he didn't. I have called my doctor today but I have to ring tomorrow as she wasn't there. Initially I went in to hospital to have my ovary and womb separated but they weren't able to do this and discovered the endometriosis instead. I'm 32 and am desperate to have children and feel frightened by the fact the endometriosis has been classed as 'severe' on my notes. Can anyone give me some idea on the treatment I'm likely to receive and my chances of conceiving. Also when/how should I change my dressings and is slight incontinence normal after this type of operation?

Thanks very much for listening everyone and sorry of I've gone on a bit..

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Oh bless ya! I hope you get some answers soon re the surgery as not nice not knowing and being left in the dark.

I hope you recover quickly from the op too. I have not had the op so I am sorry I cannot give advice re the dressings. Can you ring your nurse at your GP surgery and ask them? May help?

The treatment is going to depend on you really. They may suggest the hormonal drugs like Zoladex, however this causes your body to go into a mini menopause, which is not ideal if you are wanting to conceive. They may suggest the mirena coil or prostrap injections, but again not going to help you conceive. With respect to conceiving it depends on where the endo is i.e if your tubes are blocked or not. Hopefully once you know where the endo is this may give you a bit more of an idea. Some women with endo conceive with no problem, others it takes longer and some are not successful and try the IVF route. I have been trying to conceive for 11 months now and am taking no medication at all for the endo which is a struggle but worth it if I do manage to conceive.

Sorry I am not much help. Hope you get some answers soon and a speedy recovery from the op x


Your surgeon will send a letter to your GP explaining everything that happened during the procedure. Make an appointment with your doctor and he will be able to go through it with you. hope this helps, good luck.


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