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Can the pill affect what is seen on your Lap?

Hello everyone.

Have not been on here for a few weeks so just though would show my face :D

Its been 3 weeks now since I had my Lap, cannot believe how time flies. My mood has not really improved I am back at work and a bit depressed so struggling emotionally at the moment still. I am still having bad symptoms to but still keeping my diary and hoping to go see a specialist real soon and get a second opinion, at first I was not going to and was just going to accept its IBS like the GP has pounded into my head but now I feel why should I leave it at that if I don't feel right I need that second opinion, although when I mentioned seeing a private specialist to my GP she told me not to bother wasting my money, At the moment she has put me on some movicol which I don't feel I need but she said its good for IBS I am going back to see her in 2 weeks, she says if the movicol don't improve my symptoms then it looks like I am been sent for sex therapy grrr.

So I have been thinking, way before I had my Lap the GP told me to start taking my pill 3 months in a row and then have a break so I have been doing this for the past year or so. I read somewhere that the pill is used to treat endometriosis symptoms so I thought if I have been Taking my pill none stop for the past year and only had a break after every 3 months would this of reduced the endo meaning it is less visible during the Lap maybe, and when I go see this specialist will he want to do another Lap if so would it be better if I came of the pill for a while before I had another Lap done.

I am still a bit confused to be honest I feel like it isn’t IBS and I need that second opinion but then I think if I go and see this specialist and its not endo I will feel so stupid and look like it was all in my head all along. Has anyone else been misdiagnosed the first few times but then turned out it was endo all along. x

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I am totally new to this site. Just reading through your info and I have had my problems for years and when I saw my GP he sent me for a colonoscopy which returned negetive but still diagnosed me with IBS. Only the past couple of months with increasingly sharp pains I was sent privately to have a Laparoscopy which then I was told I had Endo & Polycystic overies, He inserted aMirena coyle whilst I was under as he said that helps with the endo. Can u not ask your GP to have a coyle fitted instead of coming on and off of the pill to see if that hlps at all? I wpuld defo go see a gynyfor a second opinion!! X


I've heard that it can affect endo, so it may not be seen during lap. Also, just wanted to say its only been three weeks since your lap, my emotions were all over the place for a good six weeks after mine, I was so tearful and down, my gp gave me some amitriptyline to help with sleep and pain, and I think it's helped lift my mood too, I can only say the last two weeks I've felt back to me again, and I'm eight weeks post lap, so give yourself a chance. My pain has also been worse since lap, as they didn't remove my endo, and I think they've just aggravated it further. But I would pursue that further, as I've heard many of the hormone treatments will reduce endo so therefore won't be seen at lap xx


Hi I've just had follow up appointment from lap and have been told to take pill for 3 months non stop to help symptoms and will shrink endo. So I'd say if that's what you've been doing then yes going by what I've just been told it will shrink it. I definitely think you should get second opinion. You'd chat to doc first so see what they think if they think another lap is a good idea after.stopping pill then you can do that before arranging lap. It'd be worth at least a chat with specialist to ask their opinion which wouldn't cost too much and if they recommend another lap decide what you feel is right after that. It took me 2 years for doc to agree my irregular bleeding and worsening aches and pains weren't normal so I know its frustrating but you know your own body and its frustrating but there's nothing wrong with getting a second opinion.

As for the emotional side I struggled after lap and am now on nortriptyline which is helping me cope and stop crying its same as amarityline but not groggy so doesn't stop me being able to work. Maybe worth asking about either of these to just help a little I honestly am coping much better until a very confusing post op appointment today but that's another story. If I wasn't on these pills I know I'd be haveing a major wobble right now but they are stopping the tears and keeping me sane. Look into arranging an appointment with specialist and good luck x


Hi. I too have heard that the pill can "hide" the endo as it restricts the amount of oestrogen being released which is what endo loves to feed on. So if you were to have another Lap I would stop taking the pill. At least then you will know that you have done everything you can to give the best diagnostic view for the specialist.

I am glad to hear you have decided what you are going to do. I def think it wise to go for a second opinion as at least it will put your mind at rest. I hope you get an appointment soon.

You say you are getting depressed by it all, which is totally understandable. I cannot remember if you said if you were already on anti-depressents (sorry my memory is useless!). If not then speak to your GP as it will help you to mentally cope better. I speak from experience having been treated for depression on numerous occasions.

Big hugs of support to you x


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