I found out my op will be in October but have to postponed it later. Do you know how long I would have to wait on average for another date?

Obviously, would like it earlier because I'm more free but in October it clashes badly with my job. I was informed that i should have the operation in April. What is it that I need to say to these people to get it even in September? My hospital is based at UCH in London.

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  • A_leck1,

    Have you considered to on the cancellation list? When I had an op it would have been in 2010 and then I had a phone call because they had a cancellation for the 31st December 2009 so I had a great new year lol.

    It could be anything from weeks or months till you get a new appointment. But with it being for a hospital operation it should be ok for work?

    Hope it helps


  • Thanks, I will try that. At the moment there wouldn't be a problem for me to have the operation from now to august. My workplace won't mind but anytime from October will not be good because its a contract job. I know I'll take more than 3wks to recover because I have suffer from severe chronic muscle pain in my hip flexor muscle which is separate problem.

  • That's not good Hun,

    I hope it all works out keep me updated if you like? I know it's not nice having endo.



  • I had this happen to me but ended up having my lap 2 weeks ago.

    My original appointment was April, they changed it to June, then July, at the time it would have been another 4 months wait. I wasn't happy about being messed around as I had the usual symptoms and pain and had a life I wanted to get on with. I contacted PAL's (patient advise) most hospitals have one I believe, they got in touch with the management team at the hospital and when the cons came back from his holiday I received a phone call (and letter followed) to say my operation was going to be in less than 2 weeks time, (which was now 2 weeks ago).

    I would suggest you get in touch with your local PAL,s if they have one and go see your GP, get him/her to write to hospital explaining you are not willing to wait and it is inconvenient and I am sure something can be done as regards to moving you forward, I think a GP letter can help a lot in these circumstances. (I also went to my GP and I also phoned the gynea secretary). Get as much backing as possible and as soon as possible and you just never know. If you don't say anything they just think you are happy to wait. Good luck X

  • Apologies Oops my original appointment wasn't April it was May. X

  • There's a long wait at UCLH and I don't think you'd have any luck getting it earlier, but you've got nothing to lose by contacting PALS. I was put on the list in February there and am expected to have my operation in August.

  • Thanks guys I will try that

  • I'm going to have my operation next week. Wohoo!

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