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I will be on my period when I'm due to have my lap, will I still be able to have it?


I know this is probably a stupid question but with it been a diagnostic lap I'm not sure if been on my period will affect it? Would love some advice, thanks ladies x

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I am having my lap Monday and asked this question at my pre assessment appointment and they said it’s fine, which is great as I am on my period xx

lizzyxx in reply to Char411

Thank you ☺ xx

Yeah it’s totally fine! I was worrying about it too, I kept my underwear on till the very last minute as I was getting a cystoscopy aswell as a lap they said not to wear anything and they put a bed mat on your bed .. if u wear underwear during your lap they cut them off and put a mat down so it’s best to tell your nurse as soon as you go in so they can get a mat ready for your bed... all the best when you get your lap! And remember even tho it might be embarrassing they told me it’s happene’s all the time they made me feel better and not embarrassed at all best to leave your dignity at the door as what they said to me ... and also it’s actually better to have your period when your getting your lap I was also told this... I was diagnosed stage 4 endo so my period was the least of my worries after my lap... as long as your nurse knows she will discreetly place your mat before and after op 😊x

lizzyxx in reply to LolaLo3

Thank you ☺ so do I just tell them on the day? Am I right in thinking they won't be able to check if my tubes are blocked though? x

I was on my period for one of my laps and was told it should help the surgeon as the endo would be more visible! So it’s a good thing :) plus I think it’s normal to bleed a little after surgery so they always give you a pad anyway I think? That was the case for me anyway at a couple of different hospitals! I’m due on for when my next lap is scheduled so it definitely won’t just be you :) xx

Thank you ☺ xx

Yes I had a lap on my period xx

Another who had a period during a lap. They didn’t bat an eyelid! All the best.

hi Lizzy.

I have had this op today and am on my period. It's not a problem at all,they gave me some sexy netted pants and a pad 😂. Xx

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