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Books/video to help toddler understand Mummy's in hospital

Hello everyone! Ages since I've been on. Have only had endo diagnosed since having my now 2 year old. (Have known for about 13 months now). So am constantly catching up. I was wondering if anyone had any good books/videos to suggest to show my 2 year old that will help her to understand where I've gone when I go to have my endo removed soon. She's survived the separation of my trip to the consultant and then the lap the next day. But what about when I have to stay over? So grateful for any suggestions.

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How about a little role play. Use teddies and dollies put plasters and bandages on. Has she got a little dressing up nurse outfit? You could have so much fun.Make it a positive experience and she will be fine. Xx Children take things in their stride. If anything for us mums being away is harder for us. I go in on the 15 th and am so anxious that I won't be home for the 20th, my daughters 14 th birthday. My son who's 11 has SATS week then so I'm really battling with me being mum and not being there. It never ease! Good luck hope this little advice helps. Hugs J x


Hope your hospital stay goes well. I read "Maisy goes to hospital" by Lucy Cousins to my daughter at about the same age. It is beautifully illustrated and about Daisy who goes into hospital with a broken leg and has to stay overnight. Doctor Duck and Nurse Comfort look after her. The role play idea is also really good. My daughter enjoyed dressing up as a doctor and looking after Mummy.


You might also consider having little one stay overnight with a grandparent or aunt or someone you trust, as a treat. While you are well rather than in hospital. Get them used to knowing that a night away from mum and dad is not forever, and you will be there to collect them the next day. The sooner you can begin the gentle process of lengthening the apron strings and letting go a little, the better for them and also for you.

My nephews and nieces have all been frequent overnight stayers at their cousins' houses and with grandmother and with me. We have them stay over on rotation. Usually one or two kids at a time. Sometimes all the kids in a family sometimes 1 from one lot and a cousin from one of the others. They have all got quite used to staying over for sleepovers and when any of their parents have to be away for work, or in hosp, or just want a grown-ups weekend away occasionally, then they kids have no trouble at all packing up favourite teddy, PJs toothbrush, pillow and security blanket etc. and relocating for a night.

The bonus is that you end up with much more sociable kids, who easily adapt to nursery, playgroup, and reception class at school. As soon as they were weaned and fed by bottle, we've had the little ones stopping over. It's water off a ducks back to them now.

You could reciprocate and take in your child's cousins or 2nd cousins for a sleepover too, to give their parents a break in the hope they might do the same for you when you're in hosp.

My sister would get her kids ready for bed and then bring them along to hosp in dressing gowns and slippers to see me for a bed time story read. That way they got to see I was okay and being looked after. I let them see my lap wounds and also let them help me clean them and put new dressings on them when I got home. Teaching the kids about the need for washing of hands and keeping germs away from the wounds. (which are tiny). Even when I had my big hole op the kids helped look after me a lot. I only had one incident of kid jumping up on me- Ouch!!!!

Kids can cope with a lot more than we give them credit for, even as toddlers.

They want to be useful and feel more grown up.


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