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back problems?

i have hurd alot of you talk about endo on ligaments and nerves i have a really bad lower back and right hip and leg limping like a good en and its so painful i have to walk with a walking stick but i also have HMS hyper mobility syndrome an i have two hard lumps each side where my spine meets my pelvis i dont know which is what or anything i am waiting for a lap so hopefully that can answer it but if you guy can shed any light on this it would be helpful with the endo and HMS im in agony any way and this really isnt helping anything thanks guys xxx

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I have no idea about HMS and its symptoms, but pain radiating from the right lower pelvis to right leg, hip and lower back pain was what I was experiencing from endo in my right uterosacral ligament. During my first lap, the gynae failed to see the endo there as he was not experienced enough, but it was picked up and completely removed by excision by my current gynae during my second lap.

If you have endo there you need a very experienced endo gynae that can deal with it and removed it completely. Laser will only burn the surface, it needs to be excision for getting rid of it once and for good. x


thanks jojo777 ive alway had the pain but its progressivly got worse when i had my first lap they said i only had a small patch in my pelvis but my symptoms have been anything but small! it gets worse with my period and gose right down into the sole of my right foot which swells and is very painful to walk on aswell as the leg! i know the endo and HMS make each other worse coz hms affects ligaments all the bits that hold ya together basically lol its just hard to tell i just hope my gynae knows what shes doing she reckons my pain is IBS now wtf? not endo on my bowel i dont know can see this going very wrong :( thank you again

hope your as well as can be xxx


IBS? when it gets worse with period?! this only should ring the bell that its gynaecological! And it is the in your right side when usually the IBS hits all over or on the left side as it is the main part of the big bowel...

hope you find some answers soon, good luck xxx


its silly isnt it i do have IBS but im well awere the diffrance in ibs spasms and endo pain fingers crossed i can sort this lol!

thank you xxx


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