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I have sinusitis which I have had for many years. My doctor was not on duty that day so saw a practice nurse. I said I needed the usual antibiotics which he gave me on rare occasions when I needed them. She then did tests for asthma , and prescribed medication for this. After taking the steroids and inhalers I became unwell. I feel although very kind she was more concerned about my breathing which was wheezy ,but this happens with sinusitis. Any thoughts on this please?

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If you are still concerned about the wheezing I suggest you visit your doctor and get a second opinion. He/she might refer you to a specialist. With regards to your sinusitis you could try sinusoothe nasal spray. It cured my sinusitis in no time at all and I suffered with it for years. If you do have asthma I would e-mail sinusoothe before using it.


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