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Constant blocked/runny nose, trouble swallowing, plugged ears

I have been suffering for many (7+ years) now with the following symptoms

1. Head pressure / blocked ears (but no noticeable hearing loss). Can temporarily clear it by holding nose and blowing, but comes back quite quickly. Can cause me issues with sleep as it becomes a constant battle to clear my head.

2. Constant blocked or runny nose. This is all year round.

3. Trouble in swallowing (worst at night when laying down). Assume is this due to the blocked nose and it's mucus sticking to back of throat.

Have tried many different sprays from the GP (no idea what they are) over the years to try and counter this. Have also had an operation quite a while ago to try and enlarge the gap in my sinus passage (although this did nothing to help the problem).It's probably been over 2 years since I last spoke to the GP about this and to be honest, they didn't seem that interested.

It's got worse this year which has prompted me to post on here and see if there is anything people can advise or do I just go back to the GP and try again?

I am guessing that it is Alergic Rhinitis that I have. Would it be worth seeing GP and asking for an allergy test?

Just hoping there is someone out there with similar problems. It's getting to a point now where it's becoming a problem with my sleep.

Sorry for the long post.


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Do you take any medication? I have had this problem for 35 years. Waiting for an appointment to see a specialist. I used to take Zirtek 10mmg daily, My GP I unable to do prescription as it is a brand medication and expensive, I buy it now on line!!!. My GP tried me on a different antihistamine and this medication put me in to depression therefore watch out on antihistamine medication.

I have read a lot on this in the last two years, side effect on medication! I am keeping a food diary as some food can trigger this at times. This is because of fresh fruits and fresh veg protein interfere with histamine. By cooking fruits may help.

Do Google for Dr Isabel Skypela, there is a 45 minute video clip, this discussion is good.

Some time GPs do not understand the combination of allergy, this is a real problem.

What I hate is after my morning shower, waiting to get dressed my nose drip just like a tap without me knowing, what a problem? I have been through all the list of problems above.


Hi. I have actually just come back from a GP appointment and they have referred me back to the ENT. So will have to wait now for them to get back to me for an appointment. The GP has just given me a course of aniti biotics and also Nasonex (mometasone furoate). Also been advised to take citrizine and also sterimar. Just going to have a blitz while I wait for the ENT!


The brand name Zirtek is better from my experience and you can buy this online. I have done this. There are two different manufacturers for cetirizine and both of them did not help me. Depending up on what I eat or drink I get a mix of problems, swollen mouth, ear ache blocked nose and runny nose.

Just give it a try by having just eggs for dinner and water to drink for one night and see what happens? Some people are allergic to egg, you can try stemmed fish. It took me years to identify the things or combination of things that can give me problem.

The blocked ears may be due to swelling because of what goes into your mouth. I have experienced this.

By Goggling histamine and allergy, you can find a lot of information.


There are number of allergy specialist in UK, you can ask your GP for a referral. I am waiting for an appointment. I am keeping a food diary with comments to take it with me for the appointment even though I have not been asked to do so. I want to make sure the specialist understand my situation. I am not for try this first and see what happens and so on.

People do pick up issues on holiday from local food!, I lady got allergy on her return from holiday. I got my allergy on my return after working in Nigeria for six months, it first showed after eating a cheese sandwich with green pepper. I am unable to eat Jaffa cake! but I can eat orange, chocolate and biscuit.


One more, I put a tea bag to brew in a bowel and inhale the steam and it helps to clear some of my blocked ear problem, I have no explanation for this.


I have the same symptoms and it just seems to be getting worse. I went to see an ENT as I am constantly suffering with ear infections, plugged ears, scabs in nostrils, running/blocked nose, blurry eyes, gasping for air in the night. I have been on numerous sprays and medications over the years but nothing has helped. Symptoms point to allergic rhinitis but I don't seem to be getting anywhere with the doctors or hospital. The ent was that useless that he told me to just use Vicks sinus spray every day which isn't good for you anyway. That used to work but now it just makes my nose run like a tap. It's so embarrassing.

I can't find any trigger foods and I can't think of anything that would be causing the allergies.

I'm going to book myself back in and demand some help. It's draining the life out of me.


I feel for you as I know from my own experience that this is utterly exhausting. I also suffer from this and if uncontrolled it causes an asthma attack. What helps seems to be very much individual and a result of trial and error.

At the moment, my symptoms are pretty well (but not fully) controlled, here is what I'm doing; I have bitten the bullet and spent money because it was unbearable. I have bought an air purifier which I leave on in the bedroom at night, that has made a huge difference. At first I would recommend leaving it on all the time for 2 or 3 days and close the window or only open it a tiny bit. The other thing that is incredible is an "ear popper" (£99!!!) which does what it says and has really improved my hearing, although I still have to use it morning and evening. Try Amazon for both of these.

Experiment with antihistimanes to find what works for you and be aware that they can suddenly stop being effective. Supermarket own brands are less expensive than the branded ones. I currently find Benadryl is very good and works fast, and Loratadine is a good second.

Try to work out what makes your symptoms worse and see if it's possible to change or avoid these things (in my case some brands of cleaning products is one trigger).

Don't be fobbed off and I hope you get some relief from your symptoms soon.

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Please look at the side effect of Loratadine!


I am not experiencing any side effects and the risk has to be balanced against being unable to sleep or breathe and coughing until I'm sick (horrible but true). Certirizine (in any form) doesn't control my symptoms nor does Piriton.


It is a ruddy nuisance and I sympathise. When I wake up I feel like I have had no sleep..heavy eyes, dry throat and sinuses but get up. I talk like I have a cold most of the time but no runny nose.

I feel spaced out. Tinnitus and dryeyes..

I have no idea what causes it but it gets depressing. From reading on this forum it could be anything...i might go to a Healer..i will not take prescribed drugs.

Let me know if you feel any better.


Did you ever get any relief?


Well, Yes and No Michael!. After various investigations, as to why I always feel the way I do, it boils down to what it is that is affecting me is- Air Pollution! I live adjacent to a busy road, and I decided to get Environmental Health involved. They monitor the pollution from the Traffic, and are keeping me informed. As I have got older, I am less tolerant to any Dust or Pollen, but as far as taking any medication to help the symptoms, nothing seems to help.

My Tinnitus is much worse, but again, not much can be done to alleviate the problem.

Thanks for asking!


Hi pollyanna65,

It's real pain doctors don't know how to alleviate these type of problems. I have had crackling ears for 10 years or so. Then tinnitus last March but seems to be one thing after another since.got blocked ears last June when it was really warm, so I think that was hayfever.just over 5 days now it has started again and headaches,so I can't work out what it is unless it's just a change of pressure in the air.

Thanks for reply


Just to update on this, I had an ENT appointment 2 months ago who advised this is probably Chronic Rhinosinisitus. Camera up the nose (that was fun) and was put on a course of drops (can't remember the name) for four weeks to see if the slight swelling of the lining would go down. Then onto a course of spray (again can't remember name) and Sterimar up until follow up appointment.

Had a follow up appointment with ENT yesterday who reviewed the results of a CT scan that I had. No infection in the sinuses or anything untoward. The sprays and sterimar have helped slightly in that they have reduced the buildup in my nose slightly but done nothing for the pressure in my ears.

Was been told there is nothing they can really do as it's "in my genes" and basically I can just keep trying the spray and sterimar to see if this dulls the symptoms over time.

Will be looking more in depth on line now for other treatments for Rhinosinisitus I suppose.

Bit depressing really.


Histamine is part of the sleep process so reducing it maybe the answer, have you tried chlorphenamine mealate, 4 mg Piriton. I get it an prescription and it does help with my sleep issues. Histamine is also produced in foods and being Coeliac you will eat what is safe so can I suggest a food/drink diary and relate that to your symptoms.


Hello Iv read all your problems with ear nose throat , I’m another with symptoms of that nature and believe me it’s tiring me out 30 yrs is along time !! Now Iv lost my singing voice for a whole year so looks like that’s gone forever ... with having constant drippy nose and clearing throat all the time also brought on a bit of deafness aswell so will have to have a hearing aid .Iv been on rinotec for10yrs only helps when using it 3times daily it dries the mucus up but when it’s wearing off I certainly know about it


Please let me know if they come up with anything new as I’m the same thankyou


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