Flu-like symptoms upon waking


I made this post because for a couple of weeks now I have noticed that I wake up feeling unwell most days and this never used to happen. It started maybe 2-3 weeks ago; I woke up in the morning and my throat was very sore, my nose was a bit blocked and I had just a mild headache. I hadn't been out the night before or anything so I couldn't make a link. I thought that this would be the start of a cold so I didn't worry about it too much. But over the next few days I notice a pattern. I only felt really ill in the morning and then throughout the day I was fine. Sometimes late at night before going to bed my nose would block up a bit, but then in the morning I would get the sore throat and a headache. Today I woke up feeling worse than the other days. My head is hurting (and normally it would have gone by now), my throat was sore but now it has mostly gone away and my nose is fine.

I don't know if this is a musculoskeletal issue (I saw a Chiropractor last week but nothing was picked up in my neck, and they did the usual treatment for me), or if maybe I have a virus of some sort?

Please let me know if anything strikes you as familiar to a known sickness, or if you have any recommendations. I'd really like to wake up feeling well again.

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  • I had similar symptoms and it turned out to be sinusitis. Doctor couldn't help me so I took matters into my own hands and bought the nasal spray by sinus soothe. The sore head, sinus pain, fatigue all went after a week or so. Now Ive been clear for nearly four months which is a relief because i SUFFERED for five years. I'm not saying you have sinusitsi and I'm not saying you shouldn't trust your doctor. What I am saying is to go seen your doctor and get this diagnosed and if the doctor and his medicines don't work don't be afraid to look at alternative medicines and treatments :)

  • Thanks so much for the reply and advice!!

  • Could it be carbon monoxide poisoning? Have you had your heating on? Do you have a carbon monoxide monitor/alarm? If you don't I would get one from a reputable retailer ASAP. They don't cost that much anymore and coukd save a life.

  • Wow I'd never thought of that actually..thanks for the link. My symptoms have been getting slightly better after using the nasal decongestant and also drinking a mucus decongestant, and according to the website you linked me too, my symptoms would be getting worse if I had the Carbon-monoxide poisoning. But a really interesting thought because it is still winter/ spring over here and we have had the heater on most nights, but no one else in the house seems to be suffering any odd symptoms, so hopefully it's nothing as serious as that! I don't get the headaches much anymore, it's more now a constantly ticklish throat; when i cough once it's hard to stop until the tickle goes away, and also it hurts to swallow :S. Thanks so much for your input :)

  • I'm glad for you that it seems to be getting better. It was the flu-like symptoms that went away during the day that made me think perhaps carbon monoxide was behind it.

    I once had a persistent cough that once got worse, caused by a bad tickle in my throat. My sinuses were draining down my throat instead of out my nose. My doctor prescribed a steroid nasal spray, which did the trick. The thing was, it had to be taken every day for 90 days. I was sure glad to get rid of the cough, though!

    Good luck! Hope you're over it all soon.

  • Could it be mold? have you got mold in your house, i know what it's like to have a mold allergy and a lot of people do, it amazes me how many people don't know about mold and it's effects especially lethal types which s poisenious to not just humans but animals too and can kill you too, mold made me have asthma as a kid but docs sold my parents on inhalers for me to take even when i shouldn't of been taking them, a doctor told me this when i moved away for a while, since being back for 5/6 years, after the first year back i started waking up with a blocked nose, sneeze at least once or twice a day and my eyes just turned red around the outsides of the eyeball, when i clean my eyes really start to burn, it's awful. You may want to consider mold too though and get the mold tested incases there is poisenious mold in your home, mold can cause all these health issues, poisenious mold eats away at the immune system then slowly shuts down the organs over time, that's why it's important people are aware of it.

  • This sounds so much like the symptoms I have. The sinusitis symptoms flare a few times throughout the year and you do feel generally unwell, especially first thing in a morning. My doctor said this was due to a build up of mucus during the night and being laid flat the mucus collected at the back of the throat. A nasal spray and paracetamol for the headache works well until the symptoms calm down. I agree that it's not nice waking up every morning feeling ill.

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