Histamine Intolerance

After years of suffering more and more allergies I discovered I had Histamine intolerance (evidenced by 67 scratch tests). I now follow a low histamine diet (not easy) and somewhat boring. I eat nuts again and all the things on my previous banned list. I carry anti histamine tablets and an epipen for security. This is a fairly new medical discovery. Check it out it may make a huge differance.

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  • Hi bevki,

    I've recently been diagnosed with histamine intolerance too. Am awaiting referral to another specialist and blood tests to determine between MCAS & mastocytosis.

    I'm also following the zero histamine eating plan... And yes!! Its not easy and wow so restrictive. Many of high histamine containing foods I had already avoided for years as instinctively knew (from a child) that they impacted me significantly) I have definitely noticed changes in my symptoms since removing foods.

    How do feel on the high dose anti histamines? I haven't began to take mine yet, consultant prescribed a gradual build up phase of dosage for both h1's & h2's and expect to remain on them for lifetime. I suffer with extreme urticaria upon occasions and am hopeful these new tablets will give me a new lease on life :))

    Would love to chat more with you, exchange any tips for meal ideas etc and share knowledge and info. (& Perhaps share an occasional moan about missing the taste of FAVOURITE things and the difficulties trying to eat out when in public) haha

    Kind Regards,


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