I don't know what's happening!


When I was 4/5 years old I was diagnosed with mild asthma, and after a year it kind of disappeared somehow. I'm now 16 and I think my 'inactive' asthma has returned with vengeance.

About a year ago I started to feel tired and sleepy a lot and I was diagnosed with IBS, so I blamed the fatigue on the IBS. But then it got worse and I always felt sick and tired but I continued thinking it was the IBS and because I do a lot of sport (11 hours a week). I then thought about my fitness but I'm very fit for my age and height so I knew it couldn't be that. But now I go for a 12 minute run and collapse on someone and cannot breathe, my head throbs violently, my nose feels like its going to burst and I can't move my muscles. I walk home from school (1 mile) and I cannot breathe, and my heart and head are throbbing.

Can someone please help me understand what's going on?

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Hi and welcome

Hopefully someone who can advise you will turn up soon.



Hi there,

Welcome to the community and thank you for providing some details about yourself.

I do want to say that this does sound like something that needs input from a doctor - have you gone to see anyone about this? That would be my initial point of advice.

Hope to keep hearing from you.


Sorry you are feeling so bad, You need to see a doctor to check if you have hay fever or allergies to something you are coming into contact with, could be food. I have had the same symptoms re. the nose, and the IBS, but since I found I was allergic to eggs and prawns, and stopped eating them the Supposed IBS has improved. The nose thing could be hayfever as the pollen count has been high. But you need to see your doctor re. the tiredness, this is not usual for your age. Keep a diary for a few days put in when this tiredness occurs and any other symptoms then, make an appointment.


i am sorry for your state. Best thing is to consult a doctor immediately. More ever u should try to identify that what causes that allergy and avoid it. You can try spirulina from a good comapny. It is a very good for all kinds of allergies added with curcumine.


Sorry to hear about your struggles with IBS and uncertainties of your condition. When I was about your age I had developed increasingly severe asthma, which was always passed off as being lazy or out of shape by my own parents, coaches and peers. So I certainly understand your frustration because I was not diagnosed with asthma until I had an asthma attack on top of a mountain!! I definitely can imagine how frustrated you must feel.

I support both Rubydoodoo and praja in their advice so far.and agree with their encouragement you to seek help with a medical professional.

It is entirely possible your asthma has returned because it is a common misperception that it "goes away" or that one "grows out of it." Usually asthma (as in my own case) mutates or evolves on a case by case basis. For some fortunate asthmatics, they do not have clear symptoms over time and have control - for others, unfortunately, other factors like allergies can trigger a return of asthma unexpectedly (for me it is dust mites!) .


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