Rhinitis causing headache and flu

For the past few months, my bf have been suffering from flu/cold, sever headache, blocked nose and symptoms of hayfever. He went to doc. and was diagnosed as Rhinitis. He used to suffer from cold very often. He was on medicination since Feb and didn't seem to feel better but worst. He is suffering from more headache and tasteless on food. At time his taste bud got really bad. I am worried so would like to seek advise on some natural remedies for him. Pls help.

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  • Hi JoBren

    I have rhinitis and hayfever too. I use XLEAR which helps with nasal congestion and sinus discomfort. It's quite a natural product made up of purified water, saline, grapefruit seed extract and xylitol. I also use Sterimar for blocked nose which is sea water, salt and purified water. Amazon UK sells them. Hope that helps.

  • Hi Samya, thank you for your info. How do you use the saltwater? Just flush into the nose?

  • Hi JoBren, the Sterimar comes in a dispenser which you spray the sea water into your nose and you blow it out. You can get it at pharmacies or from Amazon.

  • Hi again JoBren,

    I forgot to mention that dairy products such as cow's milk, cheese etc., and wheat should be avoided or reduced.

  • I would recommend your bf goes back to the doctor and asks to see an ENT specialist as it may not be rhinitis.

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