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Reaction to Super Glue

Hi there

I was wondering if I could get any clarity on my issue that I have been having.

I started a new job a few months ago; and since using a gluing agent which contains Cyanoacrylate which I use sometimes in my job, I get numb feet and hands. Depending on my exposure will determine the severity of the numbess. On occasions it does cause numbness of the face and sometimes can get more so, the more I think about it.

My employer doesnt know yet because I wanted to see if it got any better with repeated exposure.

I have been to the doctors but didnt tell him about the glue because I wanted him to focus on other medcal conditions, rather than charging at a single issue. The tests detirmined that I did not have diabetes or anything severe and put it down to "one of this things". Of course, there could be many factors, so I understood.

Has anybody had a similar reaction to this and is there any test out there that I can have that will determine this.

I know I will need to tell my employer which could potentially put my job on the line but my health is more important.

Any thoughts or ideas on this.

Thanks and have an awesome day.

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