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Loss of taste and smell after a bottle of beer


first time writing any post about anything ever but this is really affecting my quality of life.every time I drink even a small amount of Alcohol I loose my sense of smell and taste for a couple of days .my senses return after a couple of days but this has been going on for 2 years now.I had surgery 18 months ago to correct a deviated septum and the problem has steadily gotten worse.does anyone else have this problem and can you please give me some advise on how to get this sorted.I have had a MRI scan and my ent doctor prescribed 3 months nasal spray (dimysta) didn't work..please help...thanks

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John I lost my taste/smell few years ago reason unknown I just do daily nasal rinse which keeps my nasal passages clear according to QE hospital in Birmingham cause is polyps blocking my olfactory nerve from working but they won't operate to remove them​.What can I do ? David


I suffered terrible sinus pains, hay fever and blocked up nose for years but when I gave up alcohol all together, I could breathe better and the sinus pains went. I think the alcohol made it worse for blocked up nose because it inflamed the nasal passages.


I found that beer helps me after a bad hey fever day. The first mouth I take I let the grs come through the nose. The same for specie food, mustard in food.

Try cooking fruits and veg for a while and see if this helps. This is because the protein in fresh fruits and veg react.

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I would like to mention that I also find that pure oregano oil (three drops) in an empty jam jar with 1 1/2 inch boiled water helps to unblock the nasal passage too. Beware though, that it will make you cough and sneeze to start with but will also make you loosen and blow out the catarrh.


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