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Throat itch drives me mad

I've recently developed a itch on my soft palate (back of mouth near throat) and it's come to the point where it literally stops me from sleeping or doing day to day activities because it's all I can focus on. My tongue&throat have gone sore as I use them to deal with the itch (even subconsciously now). I've taken generic antihistamines (the cetrizine hydrochloride one) and have now moved over to Benydryl one a day because I thought it'd work better for the symptoms of allergy. It did for a couple weeks but now the the effects seem to have become less effective or only last a couple hours. They also do make me a little bit drowsy by late afternoon/early evening so I haven't tried any "drowsy" antihistamines that has been recommended due to my disturbed sleep at night. I don't know what to really do now, planning on going to see my pharmacist after the weekend but if anyone has some advice it'd be much appreciated

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Hallo MossAT, Hope by now the itching has stopped but if not, you should go back to whoever gave you the cetrizine hydrochloride antihistamines and the Benadryl and tell them it is no longer working, then they will have a chance to recommend something else suitable for you. If you cannot do this, then seeing the pharmacist is a very good idea - let him/her know that the Benadryl makes you feel drowsy (could be dangerous if you drive). There are loads of products available to help allergies so hopefully they will soon find something to help you.

I find that slowly sucking a flavoured cough sweet from the chemists can help when you get the itching as long as you follow the directions on the packet and do not take them for more than a day or two. Of course, it would be good if you could work out what caused this in the first place as then you may be able to avoid it.

Hope the above helps you - Curleytop1.

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Hey Curleytop1, thank you for your advice. I went to the pharmacist and they actually recommended milk & honey twice a day to soothe the itching and coat my soft palate (/back of throat) he also said drink plenty water because the dryness of mucus is what causing my allergies to flare up there. Who would've thought it would all be drastically changed by drinking more water! He also gave me a chloroseptic which isn't for allergies but it's such causes temp numbness and pain relief for couple hours. I don't use that, only the first day. I don't even drink the milk&honey. Just water and chlorphenamine maleate (2x day) although its sedating it doesn't seem to effect me, sometimes I don't even need to take one during the day at all so I'm impressed my allergies are controlled. He said you may need to just switch from time to time if they stop working

Anyways thanks again ☺️


Thank you MossAT, Glad to be of help. Curleytop1.


Try a dehumidifier and drinking plenty of water. If the tablets make it worse for you avoid them. Use natural alternatives. Most allergy symptoms are due to inflammation, there ate angry inflammatory foods you can eat which help and an acid free diet is best. Best wishes Laurie. X


hey, thanks for the advice. could you perhaps elaborate a bit more on what you said as it seems interesting & helpful. Also since ive posted 5 months ago ive been able to handle it very well with water and my chlorphenamine maleate antihis - still dont know what causes it (i think its most likely dust/microparticles). however, actually just these past few weeks (since winter & snow in the uk) it has flared up badly and is really uncomfortable to deal with - im assuming its to do with the bad weather?? i don't know i heard cold crisp air/winter can trigger respiratory problems such as allergic rhinitis.

Anyways thanks again :)


Hi again

I've read back through your post and the replies. Have you had sleigh testing? It's good house found an antihistamine which works. Bit like others and yourself said it would be a benefit to know what causes the throat itch on the first place. It sounds very likely that it's dust mites as they are so common. I'm allergic to them and cats and did. I've now become intolerant to sissy and although it seems to be dismissed and in still prescribed tablets coated in lactose or sugars and some fructose/ corn oil which in allergic to on a rast 4. If you have the testing you can avoid the triggers. I'd you haven't already go and look at allergy uk. It's not just about sketchy on there ours also about intolerances. I think if people follow a plant based diet it helps reduce inflammation. Inflammation can be a cause of the tag on the throat of your intolerant to something you've eaten. Also the bodies natural acids can attack back and cause a rash even corroded teeth. That's why I recommended the acid watchers diet, it helps reduce the inflammatory responses. Best of luck

Laurie x


I have been suffering with same for 3 years. Dry soft palate , sore throat & cough all day especially while lying.

while lying it is also difficult to breathe.

I have tried many medicines but nothing work. I have been trying TSQ-D while sleeping which seems working OK.

please tell me if you are experiencing the same symptoms.

And also provide something to cure it.


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