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What are some tips to reduce dust accumulation?

Let me start off by saying that I HATE dusting. I hate doing it, but aside from that it seems pointless when the dust appears again in just a few days!! So frustrating.

What do you find to be the best method to dust, that will actually pick it up and not stir it around? Wet cloth? Traditional duster?

Interested to hear other peoples' tips on how to reduce dust accumulating pretty much instantly.

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I hate dusting too (I have a little sign on the wall which says "If you write your name in the dust then please don't date it") I have found that using my steamer for a few minutes before dusting helps to stop the dust floating around. I steam my curtains, rugs cushions etc and then get the hoover out and using the brush attachment do most of my dusting with that.

Microfiber clothes are brilliant too as they collect the dust not move it around like an ordinary duster, if you want a nice smell too then a chopped up lemon in some water in the microwave for a minute or two and then take out and leave on the side for the smell to go through the house .... its quite refreshing.

I use the steamer on most things as it uses no chemicals which only make me cough more.

I only do this twice a week and just run the hoover around as and when needed.


Great tips, thanks silkx! I'm not sure I will realistically do this 2x per week but I'll surely try :)


Get your partner to do the dusting. My husband does it in our home because he's not allergic.

It's also best for those allergic to dust to stay out of the room for an hour or two after it has been vacuumed.


Oh, I think I like that advice :) :)


Thanks haha :-)


Most of the dust in houses comes from you (skin) and the things you use, and if you keep your windows open and there is a building site near. Do you use air freshner that has a powder base some aerosols do. toilet paper causes dust, clothing and textiles do. including carpets. Don't use dark furniture, and keep ornaments to a minimum, so you don' have to clear and clean them.


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