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Suffering every morning

Hey, wondering if anyone can help with this?

Some people have similar symptoms but not quite what im experiencing :(

Every single day i wake up with red eyes and a burning sensation to where i feel the need to wash my eyes immediately or rely on eye drops.

This comes with a blocked nose often with dried blood, always an extremely dry mouth and sometimes a sore throat and a headache. Some times i do wake covered in sweats.

This happens in all seasons (not hay-fever), i have taken previous advice and moved my bed from the window and resealed it thinking it was the cold but there is no difference.

Symptoms seem to get better throughout the day but i cant carry on with this every morning.

My doctor keeps saying its just a cold...

This has been happening for nearly 2 years every morning. Any suggestions i can go to a different doctor would be a major help :)

Have a good dayy!

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You need to keep a food diary, everything that goes into your mouth!

I have been there, I am 70 now.

And also, the soap, washing up liquid, toilet cleaner smell, shampoo, during hair wash shampoo water running over the face, even today I do not let shampoo down my face!!!

Doctors do not have answers.

Raw veg also cause this as well as fresh fruits. Trying cooking all the veg and eat frozen fruits just eliminate what it is.

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Hello, thank you for taking the time to reply. I have changed up all my bedding ect because they suspected dust allergy but im not so sure, the medications dont seem to work and i dont like putting things i dont need in my body. Will surely keep a food diary going forward and as for vegetables and fruits... im a veggie so it will be hard :D Thank you again


Hello Emloroe and Sandybrown, I also have the same eye and nose problems, for over 30 years now!. I'm sorry to have to tell you I have not entirely solved the problem but very occasionally I wake up feeling refreshed and wide awake so I look back to see what things I have done differently but cannot pinpoint it! I do think life-style makes a difference, in addition to everything you have mentioned, Sandy, its important to get plenty of sleep and relaxation to give one's eyes a rest. I try to follow a gluten-free diet as much as possible as many people with this eye problem find it improves with being gluten free. Then, its a good idea to check what drugs you are taking, if any, as many of them list sore eyes as a side effect (I am sure that this is my problem as much as any food intolerances but must continue with them). Genetics and the stresses of modern life also play a part in all these symptoms, although not many doctors seem to discuss this aspect.

To help overcome my eye problems I use Sodium Cromoglicate 2%w/v Eye Drops (prescribed by my doctor) and for my nose problems I use Beclometasone Dipropionate 50 micrograms/dose Nasal Spray (which is self-medication, but very effective and used for allergic rhinitis including hay fever). I use both these medications as and when my symptoms are really bad, which, as you say, can happen any time of the year - I am now 76. Having re-read your post, I would think you too have allergic rhinitis and I suggest you research this on the internet to see what is said about it. I know it can take many forms (mine is partly caused by mould spores in the air, which are invisible but always present). You have not told us your country of residence (I am in UK, so we have the National Health Service) so it is difficult to suggest a change of doctors but you could ask if you could be sent to see someone who knows about allergies or if there is anyone else in your practice who specialises in this field. Good luck and please let us know how you get on - Curleytop1.


Hey sorry for the late reply but thank you so much for taking the time to read and reply.

I always feel like I'm being rude when I reply saying points against what's suggested to me and if it sounds that way please don't take it like that (I'm as sweet as pie :) )

I don't think it's allergic rhinitis only because I've been on anti allergy tablets for a year now along with a steroid inhaler. They thought it was allergy induced asthma. Doctor just told me to continue with them even though they make no difference. Btw I am in the UK :) I was working shifts for the police before and I was on call at all hours so I've swapped to an office based role with 9 till 5 thinking that it was tiredness.

I'm on an all natural diet with no gluten so I really am at my witts end with this. It's the daily noise bleeds and headaches which are really pushing me to the brink.

Do they do stronger tablets besides the standard antihistamines


Anti-histamines have a ton of side effects...I took stugeron for a long time for what I thought was vertigo and tinnitus....did no good.

You can really eat gluten!! No harm unless YOU are absolutely allergic!! Just make sure it is 100% whole wheat and not refined wheat flour.

Nose bleeds and headaches) Just are you sure they aren't migraines🤔.

Also maybe, you might be taking too much stress which could definitely be the cause for the headaches. Just do not take it lightly and treat it before it becomes a chronic situation.

Good luck and feel better soon✌


Hello again emloroe, sorry to read that my suggestions have not helped you but not entirely surprised. The symptoms you mentioned could relate to so many things you can only go on trying to pinpoint what it actually is that causes you such discomfort - I have not succeeded in eliminating mine as I mentioned in my last post.

Regarding your question about using stronger tablets, I think you should ask your regular pharmacist about this, mentioning every other medication you take. I have been told that the strongest tablets are always on prescription only, so the choice is yours. Best wishes - urleytop1.


Hi emloroe.....Do not rely heavily on your over-the-counter drugs....infact I would suggest do not rely on them at all. I suggest you check on your lifestyle and food choices. A lot of the healthy food available in the market probably isn't even healthy. From what you mentioned, I'm not sure if it is Sinusitis or nose bleed or dry eyes or something that leads to all of this.

I think it is something that is aggravating your cold. I suggest to look into your sleep schedule(make sure you get 7-8hrs), eat lots of farm-produced veggies. Try to eat maximum of the healthy stuff 'during your breakfast'. Eat organic produce. Do not have yogurt in the evenings. Do not have fruits with milk(Will aggravate your cold- You can google this)

Try seeing some Naturo or a genuine Ayurveda doctor in your vicinity,who can surely help you without any drugs and just through a good diet and natural medicines(only if required).

Magic remedy is GHEE. You mentioned you have a blocked nose. I have sinus. If you manage to get your hands on Indian pure grass fed cow's butter(called ghee). Very hard to get a pure product even in the Indian markets(Go for A2 ghee i.e Indian cow's ghee).

Again you can google, read up on it, and ship this online.

You can use this ghee as nasal drops for 2-3 months. Will treat Nasal blockage, polyps, even depression, anxiety, migraines, sinus. Any head,nose,ear,throat related issues. ANY!!! You can obviously include it in your diet to avoid most health-related issues.

Try not to wash your hair or even bathe with extreme hot or cold water. Room temperature should be fine.

Emloroe, try to have some organic(very imp.most available in the market are sugar-based fake ones which do no good) honey(helps with cold) with turmeric and google spiced milk(you can have every night).Will benefit you in the long term.

Do not have ghee and honey together.

You can use Rose water, honey (make sure it comes from a trusted source, cannot stress this enough) to cool and moisturize your dry and red eyes. But this is more of an external remedy. You can eliminate your situation from the root itself.

Make some basic changes to your food and lifestyle. In about 2-3 months, your body should start recovering on it's own😊.

Sorry for making this too long and Good luck!!


Hi, I had this problem which not completely cured, but it happens very rarely now.

My issues from self observation

Deviated Nasal Septum and breathing through mouth as a result of that

dust and cold allergy

What I did? Increased physical activity/ exercise. Nothing extreme. I guess my issues where not that extreme so that with increased fitness it went away.


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