Cat allergy?

My husband has had a dry tickly cough for about 6-8 weeks now which has recently gotten worse and is keeping him awake at night.

He went to the doctors last week after a particularly bad night. The Dr examined his chest which was clear and suggested he might have a cat allergy and prescribed antihistamines and an inhaler which havent had any effect so far. He's never been allergic to cats before and we have had our cats for over four months. Is it possible to develop an allergy?

We are concerned as we obviously don't want to get rid of our cats but not sure what to do.

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  • it is possible but equally possible that its something else too - the antihistamines should have started to work I would have thought if it was the cats.

    Until he has tests on what the allergy could be - then they are guessing right now.

  • Thank you, I think he will give the antihistamines a few more days and will go back to the doctors if he isn't any better.

  • Try this to help people with a cat allergy

  • Ask your husband to help understand more about cat allergies by following this link (he will be paid £1500 for his time as well)

  • Thought my cough was my dog as she licked constantly. Have now given up alcohol and cough has not yet returned. I am blaming wine and whisky maybe I am wrong but feel a whole lot better.

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