Allergies or something else?

I don't know if anyone can help or suggest anything. It all started 10 weeks ago and I'm not sure if it's allergy related or a virus/bug.

I started feeling off balance. It wasn't too base if I kept moving. If I stand or sit still I'd feel like I was going to topple over. I was also having dulll headaches, tingling in my tempo lessons my nose. Then I started struggling breathing. My chest feels heavy and it feels as if I'm breathing through a straw or cloth over my mouth and nose. But my lungs sound fine according to the doctor. My nose feels swollen internally. I've also got thick, yellow post nasal drip that's come back clear for infection. I've had an ear infection in both ears and streptococcus. In the past my throat has swollen to the point of closing. The NHS did some basic allergy testing but nothing showed up. I'm on antihistamines, steroids, steroid nasal spray and garlic tablets as the doctor's thinking sinitus and rhinitis now. Does this sound right? But the steroids don't seem to of reduced the nasal swelling or my breathing. I've had the odd half hour where my breathing seems clearer. The one time was when I managed to cough some mucus up. I'd just love to be able to breath again and not be told it's anxiety and go away.

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  • I also have these symptons but accompanied by a severe cough. After seeing a specialist privately I have been diagnosed with cough variant asthma (NHS doc disagrees). I have been prescribed an inhaler and a syrup called Mucodyne (Carbocistiene) which breaks down the mucus and allows me to cough up. Sounds disgusting but it works and means I get a night's sleep.

  • I am suffering something similar. Last GP referred me to ENT at the local hospital after finding my chest and nose clear. They tested my hearing told me I had no problems, gave me a hand out on tinnitus and sent me away. New GP and a more detailed investigation underway. I have had similar off and on for 30 years, 20 years ago another GP leapt to an easy conclusion and treated me for asthma; the inhalers nearly killed me. Do your own research and force the GP to consider alternative causes.

  • I'm waiting for my ENT appointment tomorrow. Which I know will only be a consultation. But I'm coming down on them as my life is living hell. I can hardly leave my house even though I'm forcing myself to, to try & force my body to fix itself. It doesn't help that this has totally messed my sleeping up & I'm lucky if I get a 10 minute nap through the night. I've looked into it myself but keep being told whatever I suggest would show up in my bloods. I've really had enough as it's not clearing and as my bloods are clear being told to go away. Even though I've really bad ear pain. Doctors are saying it's all on my head & I need antidepressants/anxiety meds but when I've seen a psychologist they've said I'm fine & it's physical so need help. So I'm stuck between the two. I really do dislike doctors. 😷🤕🤒😴

  • In the past week I have been prescribed a short course of Prednisolone, a steroid. This has made a significant improvement. I am keeping a diary of the changes in my condition and will be insisting on a referral to the allergy clinic. If you have rhinitis of any kind, it would seem to me, it is because the body is creating a mucus trap between the environment and your lungs. Ergo there is something in the environment you body does not want in your lungs. Air pollution in the UK is the worst in Europe and the authorities are hiding the facts. A group of academics made a statement to this effect in the past few days with hardly any media coverage. Pollen and particulates from diesel fumes are a toxic mix. I believe prolonged exposure leads to allergenic reactions. Don' let the ENT department fob you off as they did me. Best wishes for a more comfortable future.

  • Iv been feeling off balance on the odd occasion only for a split second the thing what's been doing my head in the most is

    It feels like the top of my nose and forehead is blocked but my nosterals aren't if you know what I mean, but my eyes have been soar and feeling like mucus it dripping inside my throats causing a saw threat and bunged ears also in the heat of the day my arms have been itching, I was told this is hayfever and I have never had it before grrrrr

  • had similar was given small steroids 6 a day and inhaler soon cleared the air way to breathe

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