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had my cytoscopy/possible new UTI

Hi I had my procedure done. The staff were lovely but it was pretty painful when the scope went in. Watched it all on the monitor and no abnornmalites found. I think I have another infection from this procedure. I drunk plenty after the test but am having symptoms of a UTI. The urologist said that if I get another infection the gp is to put me on a low dose of long term antuibiotics. I am going to make an appt for the doc on Monday. My stomach s tender and my both sides of my groin and back are tender. I have various other health problems and had pain in my left hip/groin before the procedure due to hip inflammation and had no UTI when they tested my urine before the procedure so I can only concludean infection has atruck again! I am in quite alot of pain which is surprising since I have had a steriod injection which has geiven me more energy and less pain and stiffness in my hip and body, but yet I still have spasms in my stomach/groin. sorry for the long post.

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oh dear, I hope you get it sorted as soon as xxx Glad it all went well :)


Hi there,

Glad all went well, but do get off to the docs as soon as possible, the quicker you get it sorted the better.

Hope you feel better soon.



Hi Angelofhope, I had the same experience after this procedure. Go and see your doc, he will give you some antibiotics to clear it up. I am on the low dose antibiotics, touch wood it seems to work well, so discuss this as well while you are there. Hope it all goes well and you feel better soon xx


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