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Persisting pain post renal biopsy, had a fall that might have made things worse, is it normal?

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Hi everyone!

Would like to know your recovery journey post biopsy. I know it may not sound like a lot but my recovery journey has been a very rocky one. I am not sure if I had push myself too hard or is this the correct trajectory for the recovery post biopsy.

I had a smooth journey out of the hospital after the biopsy, meaning to say that the biopsy itself wasn't complicated and the hospital discharged me after one night stay and observation.

I do realise that I am unable to lift up my left leg without causing pain on the lower left abdomen. It has been 5 days post biopsy and I do still feel pain around the left lower abdomen. Is that normal?

To make things a little complicated, on the night of day 3 post biopsy, I had an incident at home where I was bending down on the floor because my chips fell on the floor, what a way to save my chips yeah, and as I stood up, I hit my right hip on the table edge. So bad that it bruised black and blue till today.

As the doctors advised me not to exercise or do any strenuous activity, I have decided to atleast clock in 10,000 steps daily on my tracker to ensure I stay active. I managed to walk 10,000 steps on day 2 and 3 post biopsy. So, I tried to clock in the steps on day 4 post biopsy, post fall, I became so tired and felt fatigue. I went to IKEA and if you may know, IKEA is huge and a long maze. I got very light-headed and quickly got home. As I reached home and measure my blood pressure, it was 87/37, which is pretty low.

Is it normal that you shouldn't be too hard on yourself post biopsy? And does the soreness and pain in the abdomen persist for this long? How long after biopsy do you guys not feel anymore pain? or able to walk and lift your legs normally?

I am very concerned as on day 5 post biopsy, I feel very tired and experience low bp. My bp usually stands at the normal 120/80.

Please share your experiences. Thank you for reading thus far.

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Hi Girl,You need to keep checking the BP. Could be many reasons why it was low. Once, no big deal, continuously, bug concern. I would call the doctor with your symptoms to make sure that you do not have an infection. I would think discomfort is normal, for a while and maybe 5 days is not enough healing time. Also, you should take it easy. You did have a surgery performed and it does take the body a while to heal. When a doctor say to take it easy, they have a reason for it. And as you can see, you may have aggravated the site with all your activities.

Thanks Bassetmommer for the clarification. My has now stabilize to a 103/61 to 111/66 range. Will definitely heed the advice to take it slow. Thanks once again.

Is that definitely a correct BP reading ...particularly the 37??? I would be in hospital definitely really poorly with that type of reading. I’d check it again or get your GP to check it because it seems a strange reading. The top number is low too, but it’s the diastolic number that doesn’t seem quite right...maybe someone will put me right.

Bless you though...yes, probably you need to take it easy a bit more!! Hope the pain gets better soon!

Hi Mandon. Yes i took it twice to check if it was right and it was +/- 1. I did feel extremely fatigue and felt light headed. Thank you, will definitely give myself more time to rest.

I think you should get that one checked agirlwithhope as an emergency if it’s stays like that or goes that low again! I don’t mean to frighten you, but that’s dangerously low. Has it come back up now? If not I’d ring 111.

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I just don’t want you getting really poorly!!!

Hi Fit,

It's over! Sounds like you care was good and soon you will have confirmed answers.

I agree with Bassetmommer, if you are feeling a bit unwell and questioning your blood pressure among other things, I would ring up your doctor or the number that they gave you to call in case of question or possible problem upon discharge. Review your symptoms and ask to possibly see them.

Best be safe than sorry.

We will be waiting here to hear how you are doing.

Bet xx

I'm happy to hear the biopsy went well. What you've described sounds like alot of activity to me. Remember, the doctors did the biopsy because there was a possible kidney issue, and you are still waiting to hear the results. I would contact your GP and just ask if your abdominal pain is normal.

Early on, before and after my transplant I had kidney biopsies. After laying flat for several hours I was allowed to go home. I never had any issues afterwards. There was no pain and no lasting effects of the procedure. The doctors worry that there will be some bleeding if you do too much after the biopsy. I think that is really only right after the procedure. Infection could be a reason for your symptoms, or could be totally unrelated. With low BP and the pain, you should reach out to the doctor that did the procedure ASAP!!!Call now!

Take care

How are you doing now agirlwithhope?

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