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Iv Contrast and Proteinuria - over 5 weeks?


Had a Ct Scan with Iv contrast five weeks ago and had proteinuria from the first day - on daily checks now this is coming in at 1g/L on dipstick test.

I'm really worried - GP's referred me to a Nephrologist which I'm waiting for.

What's really freaking me out is I cannot find any info on this link on the Net.

I've seen four different GP's during the last month. Two have stated that this happens but only for a week or so and the others have stated that they've never heard of protein leak following Iv contrast.

Rang the imaging department and was told be a tech who has 30 years of experience that he has never heard of this.

Can anybody give me any advice or has anybody experienced this problem?

I know this wasn't a problem before the Ct scan because I had urine / blood test in early September and everything was good.