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PKD - Ill-health Pension Appeal

Hi, I have polycystic kidney disease, I have off sick since Dec 2014 due to abdominal pain, kidney infection, fatigue and other health issues. I was dismissed on ill-health in April this year, I had two meeting with HR and Manager and they finished me on 10th April. I have a union rep and I have sent an appeal letter for support. I have stated that I am incapable of full-filling my job and day to day activities. I have 2 young children, I just feel every day is a struggle. Can anybody give me any information/advice to fight for my pension. Many thanks. Belinda

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They should have made an effort to accommodate you more, every employer has to make adjustments to suit your needs, did they do this?


Hi, yes they did try but I don't think enough was done. I struggle with fatigue, side effects of my medication, so the pain in my hands and feet as well as kidney pain still carries on. I small fiber peripheral neurology, which has not yet been fully diagnosed, but consultant said it was related to my kidney disease.


You should also be covered under the equality act previously known as the discrimination act I believe. Before you were dismissed your employer should have consulted a doctors opinion in terms of your ability to work. employers cant just terminate your contract, certain procedures have to be followed. You should consider tribunal. I'm covered under the equality act and my employer has been brilliant in accommodating me in every way. Don't stand for it, it's not your fault you have a serious illness!

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That is disgusting i don't think they can do that i hope your union are good you should take them to a tribunal thats disability discrimination! good luck with your fight!

My sisters husband has been off sick from his place of work for 5 months & a friends dad was off sick for 1 year!

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Hello Belinda,

It's not easy to be told you can't do your job any more but if like me you agreed with you employer, then it might have been for the best. I can't imagine how you feel as we all react differently and have different symptoms to cope with.

I was retired on ill health grounds a year ago due to my PKD. My job was one that I physically couldn't do any more as it required long hours and lots of travel. At first it felt like my world had stopped; I'd spent 40 years in a profession I loved. Now, 14 months on, not working, has really helped with my symptoms and I know it was the right decision.

On a practical note your union should be able to help you with your application for any work related pension and getting medical reports from your doctor/ hospital consultant are important too. Keep copies of all documents in case they are lost/needed further down the line.

Other posibilities are ESA and PIP which can be claimed through the department of work and pensions but be prepared to wait as they are well behind with their assessments.

A good website to help with these is....


Your workplace might also be in a position to give you severance pay, a lump sum which could give you a little to keep you going. Again, your union should be able to assist here.

Hoping it all goes well for you.

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Hi, thank you for your email and information. I applied for PIP last October and I've had 2 assessment and first assessment they scored me nil and the second one they scored me 4, what's that all about? I now have to go to tribunal and be interrogated. I worked for Kirklees Council, so I will ask if there is a severance pay/lump sum. Thank you so much for your information, it is greatly appreciated, Belinda


Hi belinda not hesrd from you for a whole. I would try for esa and pip again as decision can be altered. Did send you an rmail but got no reply. Hope ypu are adapting slowly. It is hard. It is 2 years since i retired from music service becos of PKD.


Hi, my email address is beescott67@yahoo.com. What I need is support from my gp, renal consultant and my neurologist. Hope you are doing well. It is so nice to have some kind of support from this forum. I do have a kidney advocate who has been really good.

Take Care. Belinda


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