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Gfr of 76 and 80, how worried should I be?

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I'm 22 years old. I've been experiencing issues with my bladder where I often get the urge to urinate. It usually gets worse when anxiety kicks in i.e in a lecture with alot of people, and i noticed it since then.

I've been visiting the GP for blood tests and recently my GP told me about the GFR rates and the kind of benchmarks that would indicate kidney diseases. He said that while it isn't disasterous, it isn't perfect either. Becuse of my symptoms still persisting especially in anxiety driven situations, he's reffering me to get an ultrasound scan of my kidneys to investigate. Otherwise, he would've suggest me to carry on my life as is and just get the occasioanl blood test.

I mention that I do workout often and I do take creatine as well, and the GP suggested me to cut them off since most issues are related to people taking creatine. However, I used to take creatine in the past and I never experienced this issue. I'm now worried that because of the one time that I over drank a jaeger on an empty stomach causing me to subsequently vomit later on that it has had an effect on my kidneys (I barely drank, and since that event I completley stopped) . In which I experienced these symptoms not too long after that event.

Right now, I stopped taking creatine and making sure I drink pletinful of water. I'm not sure if I still should consume protein shakes, as I forgot to mention this to the doctor.

Given my situation, should I be worried?

7 Replies
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I'd suggest you drink up to 2l/day of water, keep off the creatine and shakes then retest in a month or so or whenever your doc says. And don't train too hard before testing.

You could then reintroduce the creat if all OK subject to medical advice and if you want.

You're likely OK.

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Not worrying results, but think you might be putting extra pressure on your kidneys with the creatine & protein shakes, once the damage is done to kidneys it difficult to reverse it. You need to be honest with your GP tell him what you have been taking he will tell you if you can continue . If it was me I would stop, my GFR is in the 30”s stuck on steroids trying to taper.

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That GFR is good, but userotc is right to limit the extra protein you are introducing to your body. Drinking plenty is essential for good health anyway. Keep an eye on things and good luck.

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It depends on what is more important to you: Kidneys or muscle. Adding protein and creatinine will in time damage kidneys. The kidneys get over worked trying to filter the excess and eventually get ...basically broken. They do wear out. Keep taking those in access and you will have issues. It's that simple. At 22, you should have a GFR of 100 or higher. So.... the choice is yours. Keep in shape is a great thing but adding crap to your body to make it something it isn't, is asking for issues. Same thing with steroids.

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tougemaths in reply to Bassetmommer

I guess being as healthy as possible is what's important to me. Since my doctor told me to stop taking creatine, I have stopped. Although I do have protein drinks and yogurt with food that's also got a decent amount of carbs. My urine test was fine, so there isn't any indication of urea. But I will definitely consult this with my doctor and replan on what I should take. I already decreased how much I work out given stuff going on in my life.

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I'd take the cautious route until quite clear about what's going on. That eGFR ought be much higher at your age and you'll want to know why it isn't as it ought to be. Don't take a "wait and see" approach from your doc - many of us with advanced CKD were told not to worry and wait and see. Your next test (drink a normal amount, cut the heavy exercise, don't eat a pile of meat in the days leading up to the bloods (creatinine raising) ought see a return to age-appropriate eGFR (Bassetmommer, who knows what she is talking about, says 100). If it does you have your answer - your lifestyle dropped your eGFR. If it doesn't then you need to take things seriously and find out what's up.

I say this as one of many who didn't pay much attention to the early warning signs.

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tougemaths in reply to Skeptix

I've cut down on creatine completely. On my last blood test (less than a week ago), I mentioned about me taking protein supplements and working out about 5 days a week. (3 days of weightlifting and 2 days of HIIT). I also wasn't working out that week leading to the blood test and was drinking as much water as possible.

Just today I got a call about taking a repeat blood test. It is causing me anxiety since I have no clue what it is, and on top, I do have university to focus on. I tested myself for HIV and other STDs a while ago and I came clean. If it's my active lifestyle that's causing it, I would definitely look for ways to adapt to it or completely change it if it means saving my life. (everything comes with a tradeoff).

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