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Vit D and Ckd


Hi. I have just read that folk with CKD shouldn't take vitamin D supplements. I have CKD stage 2 latest blood test result 79. Have been taking vit d supplements for several years as advised widely by experts especially being indoors a lot. The importance of this is always being emphasised on the news lately. Anyone have any thoughts or advice on this as I'm starting to get concerned. Many thanks.

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I do not have any advice on this, but I am taking prescribed 2000iu per day as my Vitamin D is low. I was diagnosed CKD 3b. Age might be a factor too. I am 79. A good thing to discuss with your Doctor on your concerns about Vitamin D.

Thank you for your reply. I imagine if you are prescribed it and are stage 3, its probably safe. Been a lot on the news today about it being essential to take but never any mention of side effects or speaking to gp first.

Raclette in reply to kateanne

Thanks will put that question on my list x

I was prescribed Vit D as my level was low ( I believe most with CKD their levels are low ) Having said that, most Doctors agree nearly everyone is low on Vitamin D ..I forget the exact amount I was prescribed - but I was taken off them 3 months after as My Vitamin D was fine, which does not make much sense to me. You will find lots of people and doctors simply can not agree on should you (ckd patient) take Vitamin D. My reckoning if you are low on it- you need it.

SkiingSailor in reply to Hul1

You should only need Vit D supplement in the darker months, as the sunlight exposure is sufficient the rest of the time. As long as you go out without sunscreen and spend half hour outside daily

Bet117 in reply to SkiingSailor

Depends on the person. Best to check with your doctor.

Hul1 in reply to SkiingSailor

So by darker months - I guess you mean - Live in the UK like I do all year round, what is sunscreen LOL..

SkiingSailor in reply to Hul1

Lol I live in the UK as well - but in Dorset. The weather isn't THAT bad !

Hi Kateanne,

Honestly, the need to take Vitamin D supplements should be determined by your blood tests and your doctor as every patient is different.

Many CKD and other kidney patients do take them under a doctor's care.

As women, having calcium and possibly calcium supplements are important to keep bones strong and healthy. Vitamin D helps with the absorption.

Give your doctor a call and discuss it with him/ her; if yes, perhaps they will prescribe it for you which is less expensive than purchasing it over the counter.

Stay positive and let us know what you are told.


I so agree with what Bet117 posted. I was prescribed Vit D3 for my osteoporosis and although I also fluctuate between Stage 2 and 3 for CKD, no one has advised that I reduce the Vit D. Instead there has been a diff of opinion on whether I take 5,000 or 10,000 iu of D3. Soooo, I alternate between the 5 & 10 iu doses. Bones or kidneys? Sometimes it feels like a shot in the dark when docs don't agree but since my osteo is severe and my ckd is more times stage 2 than 3, I'm choosing on the side of my bones in this situation.

Do check with your doc because as Bet posted, each of us is different and require individual guidance.

Hi Flower, Good to hear from you. Tough call. I haven't had a question about it effecting my kidneys but my D level will bounce up and down.

I have discussed the calcium, magnesium and D3 liquid combination consumption with my nephrologist, and the endocrinologist who attends to my osteoperosis. Additionally,

My PCP always tests for calcium and D levels as well.

Like you, either way, I have to take a supplement for the osteoporosis.

I agree with you; run it by the monitoring doctors.

Take care and stay safe in these crazy times.

Hope to hear from you again.


Think I’ll have to take this up with my GP too - I have Osteopenia so take Vitamin D & Calcium supplements. Catch 22 if I stop taking them really! Seems many of my chronic illnesses and meds impact on my kidneys so I guess i it is a case of weighing up the benefits against the negatives. I’m CKD stage 3.

My nephrologist actually put me on vitamin D supplement as my labs showed I was deficient, so not sure what the reasoning was behind the article you read. Was it written by a medical professional who specializes in this area? Did they target a particular stage of CKD? Did article assume the patient already had acceptable levels of vitamin D? Definitely is not a one size fits all type of situation.

Raclette in reply to Hopefultaw

How do you all know about your Vit D levels, I am not getting any tests.

kateanne in reply to Raclette

I don't know what my vitamin D levels are and have never been tested for this in all the blood tests I've ever had. I am only taking them as recommended by all medical experts. I only know I am CKD stage 2 and read a random article about that and vit D. It seems many people on here have been tested for their vit d levels but maybe they are at a higher ckd stage than me.

Bet117 is right, we are all different. My nephrologist put me on Vitamin D and Calcium supplements. I developed osteopenia after taking Prednisone for 10 years after my transplant.As a rule of thumb, never take any OTC supplements without checking with your nephrologist first. I follow that especially now...I am 21+ years post transplant.

Take care and talk it over with your doctor!

Bet117 in reply to WYOAnne

WYOAnne, Good to hear from you as well.

You are exactly right. Never take any OTC supplement without checking with your doctor who monitors a condition; especially kidneys.

Take care as well and thanks!


I take Vitamin D as my levels were low when I was diagnosed. I get a ton of sun, as I live in Florida, and my levels were still low. I still take it even though my levels are normal. Vitamin D is vital to kidney health, and bone health. I take a very small dose daily. Request your doctor to give you some education as to why or why not Vitamin D should be taken.

Just a few days ago, I received a reply from Grassroots Health (widely considered D experts) after I queried this for my mum who is CKD3.

We were concerned about any problems eg kidney stones, at her daily supplement level of 2.5k. GR agreed we are right to target 80nmol/l serum level which we've done for a while. Myself and dad are at ~140 but we've had to limit for mum.Key is to test/monitor.

As advised on here, you could ask a GP or nephro for advice but that may vary a lot. Neither is likely to have much training in supplements and certainly the NHS in UK only consider D to protect against ricketts (now "considering" for covid!)..

How much is your PTH level?if PTH level is high, the Vit D supplement is recommended.

If you take Vit.D unnecessarily, then it might increase calcium and phosphorous in blood, which are harmful for your blood vessels

kateanne in reply to vinadhun2

I don't know my PTH level but a few years ago I used to take otc calcium tablets full strength. When I had blood results come through was told my calcium level was too high. I stopped taking them and now only take vitamin D as advised by all doctors these days.

Thank you all for your comments. I originally just happened to google vitamin D and somewhere it said its not recommended for folk with ckd. It then went on to give very complicated examples of how the body copes with vit d. I'm afraid I didn't notice the link where I read it but since reading everyone's comments I feel reassured that its ok. Have since read articles on how necessary it is for the kidneys.

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