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Vit -D .... and covid 19


Just thought I’d share this - as most with CKD are insufficient in Vit D .

Like most of the information out there on Covid - it’s hard to sift out the truth from the lies ... so don’t take it as gospel- well not from me anyhow .

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I have bought some max strength vitamin D after a doctor friend recommended all our friends and family start taking it. However, I have just read that people with CKD should not take vitamin D supplements as it can cause further damage. I am confused!! Can anyone advise on this? I will check with my GP too but obviously would like to do anything I can to protect against the dreaded Covid-19!

bezzy in reply to Gemini-st

I have CKD my doctor recommended them, have been taking them for years. Had no problems.

Jolivio in reply to Gemini-st

I have been taking vit d for years and have for since a child. I am always slightly low in but d or borderline. I was just at my nephro Thursday and he always tells me to either increase or decrease my dosage. He said it plays with the calcium level when to high BUT always makes sure I am at least on vit d everyday. He once put me on the once a week dosage of 50,000 units but it didn't make my vit d budge. He said to just get it from the shelf again and that always improves my vit d level. He did lower it to 1,000 units the other day to see if my calcium lowers. My calcium is high normal but he would like to see it lower. He but d does NOT harm the kidneys but anyone with ckd or not can get vit d toxicity if on a ridiculous amount of vit d. JO

Always rely on what evidence based information and not on some new story. There is NO protection from Vit D for Covid. Yes, if you have a normal level and you are healthy, it is a good thing. But like any germ, EVERYONE is susceptible at this time. People with auto-immune disease, you are even more susceptible.

Until there is a vaccine, there is no protection from COVID except staying away from people, wash your hands and wear a mask.

Vit D can build up in your system when you have CKD. It can be extremely harmful.

I'm prescribed Vic D3 by the Renal Consultant so it is ok for some of us there is no blanket one size fits all diet etc. It's obvious that Covid being an infection disease is contracted the same wether people have an existing health condition or not. But this study isn't saying it protects just their appears to be a link between death and low Vic D as this might be the reason that Ethnic populations are more affected it might just and I mean just be useful in treating people. It was done it appears by a well known US University studying the deaths of Covid patients. I'm not saying its worth taking more Vic D just I take it because my Nephrologist prescribes it.

I too take Vit D as prescribed. I just wanted to put out there because there are a lot of people who will see headlines and jump to the conclusion to take more Vit D.

Sometimes the health professionals can't even agree on how much Vit D3 to prescribe. With stage 3 ckd and osteoporosis, my osteo doc and the neph. says take 5,000 the other 10,000. I compromise and take one of the 5 one day and 10 the next....very bewildering.

Bet117 in reply to Bassetmommer

Absolutely! Doctor should monitor levels.

Interesting - Thanks

Yes - so much good and bad info out there it is so very hard these days to take what is gospel. Also as we know - so many Doctors out there giving wrong advice ..Intrestingly enough I was perscribed Vit D about 12months ago as it was low. Had a blood test after 3 months and it came back fine, then I was taken off it. Tomorrow I go for another blood test to check on Vit D ...ill let you know the results .

After reading the replies to-date, I hope my comments below are helpful:

1. My mother has CKD3 with 1 kidney removed ~3y ago. We are careful with her vit D because of the risk of kidney stones but she supplements to maintain ~60-80nmol/l.

2. Despite some negative comments here and elsewhere, there is indeed real "evidence" that D can protect against covid and reduce its effects for patients (broadly with serum levels in the above range). I can circulate reports to anyone interested. Many may dispute the data eg based on limited samples due to the fact that some trials were done with restricted/grant funds, but I cannot change that!

I was prescribed alfacalcidol which is a form of vitamin D. I believe it protects your bones as phosphorous increases when kidney disease progresses thus putting you at a higher risk of bone damage. Or so I have read. I am still unsure whether to take vitamin D3 in addition to this.

Hul1 in reply to Raj363

I would get a blood test - if you are deficient in D3 - I am sure your doc will perscribe it .

Thanks Hul1 - I have regular blood tests for renal function but this doesn’t include checking for vitamin D. There does seem to be conflicting advice on taking vitamin D supplements.

It certainly can't hurt. Always ask your doctor first. Though it is very rare to get too much Vitamin D it is possible. You need to know what dose, especially for CKD and what your levels may already be.

I do recall - many times in the UK ....

( the UK .. is where - if we have see the sun we have a party) anyway .. it is reqular said on Tv programs we all should take VitD - due to lack of sunshine ... which in turn most people stay indoors far too much ..

( ps just called the docs - my blood work results not all back .. waiting for vit d .. however I asked about my efgr results ... never told me the exact number - I asked why and because I was speaking to a secretary- I would have to ask for a doctor.. anyway told me it was in the normal range .. which given my age 60 ... is 60 or over ..

anyhow as soon as vit D results are back will let you all know 👍

Read this link with interest, Hul1 because I've been prescribed Vit D3 supplements for my osteoporosis. I've read a few other reports published in the U.S. saying much the same as this report publishes.

Like you, there is so much conflicting information available it is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Thanks for your post! If it decreases the affects of the virus if we become ill with it, so much the better.

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