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i have C K D but have not been given at what stage due to the virus my employer has closed our offices and we are all working from home but before this i was of with a very sever chest infection with breathing difficulties we were to;d to isolate me and my husband to be safe now my husbands employer are now asking when he will return but he has to use public transport and worries that he could pick up the virus and bring back to me while i still recover can you please if possible if he should still stay isolated.

thank you

Christine O'Neill

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This is an important question you should be asking your doctor!

We can only speak from our own experiences and I am no one wants to give their opinion on this. This is too important to your health not to discuss with your doctor ASAP>

Stay well.

You were told to stay isolated. I assume you mean because of the symptoms you had with breathing problems. So if you were told this by a doctor then I would check with him. If you were just isolating (both of you) based on the advice and direction of the government, then surely nothing has changed. Of course there is a danger is one person of a household leaves every day, is out in society (work or not), and returns home. But people in essential positions are doing it every day. He needs to be extra careful. To stay away from people. To not touch surfaces and items and then touch his face. To wash his hands often. You do not say your country, but each country has guidelines and orders on who must stay home, who should stay home, who are only allowed out for essentials (food, etc.). So first check with your doctor. Second review your governments guidelines which are posted on their website. Follow them.

With those issues you have you would be in the highly vulnerable group, if contracted. It is best to take all precautions you can to not contract Covid 19.

My wife has respiratory problems and was sent home on full pay weeks ago. She worked directly with the public and her employer would not take any risks with her. Was she not on paid leave our choices might have been different. Many people who are now off without pay, being let go or on reduced pay are finding it tough to exist.

Consult your Dr and make an informed choice that best suits yourselves and circumstances.

I personally would see if you can get tested for covid both of you. If your current illness was caused by covid then you may have antibodies to it. If your partner does return to work you should be disinfecting your home daily and isolating from each other. Wear a mask if you can and use good hand washing frequently. You need to call your doctor to get proper and good advice so you and your partner know how to proceed safely.

I am working from home due to underlying health conditions including asthma and CKD. My partner is a keyworker, so is still working. She has to be extra cautious at work re. Social Distancing, but this is not a problem because everyone else is doing the same and when she comes in from work, she goes straight into the shower and her clothes go into the wash. I can't comment on Public Transport though, because this is an unknown for us, but I hope this gives some fresh perspective.

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