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Confused and worried


Hi everyone. I just had a CT Scan and found out that my right kidney is very small and the left one is lobulated and has cortical defects. My nephro advised to have a GFR scan but Im afraid that i’ll get depressed if my results will turn out bad. Before I knew about my condition, my diet consists of mainly red meat and rice. I also drink a lot of soda and caffeine. Since December, I totally removed red meat and colored drinks from my diet. From 72kgs I am now 64.5 with no exercise. Should I be concerned? And my creatinine has always been normal. Do I have anything to worry about? Because I sure am worried. I am still 30 yrs old and have 5 kids.

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You've made a good start. Stay with the changes you've made and follow your nephro's directions. And follow advice from contributors here. They will be helpful to you.

Thank you for your reoly. I was a bit worried Of my sudden weight loss. I dont know if I’ll ever have the courage to undergo a GFR scan though.

Do have the recommended scan. It is quite possible that the results could turn out far better than you feared. On the other hand putting it off and worrying about will just lead to stress which can be harmful in itself. With the steps you have already taken diet-wise and with normal creatinine, you have already helped yourself so well done. The weight loss is probably due to cutting the saturated fat of red meat from your diet, not to mention the added bonus of dropping the soda drinks. Hopefully, you have restricted your intake of salt as well and increased the amount of water you drink - all helpful to the kidneys.

1MJVALIENTE in reply to Celtic

Yes you’re right. I’ll have the scan once I get back from vacation. I drink around 6 glasses a day. Is that enough? Im not that mindful of my salt intake though but I no longer eat processed foods. BP is normal.

Celtic in reply to 1MJVALIENTE

It’s an added benefit to have normal blood pressure. Six glasses plus other liquids, ie soups and cups of tea sounds a healthy amount. Great to omit processed foods. Definitely reduce salt intake. Enjoy your holiday, and lots of good luck wishes for the scan results.

Hi, for me the gfr is done through blood work. I would do as the doctor suggests. Just putting it out here....several things need to be addressed besides the, exercise, salt intake.

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