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After stopping creatine supplementation, did people find that there GFR increased significantly?


I have been taking creatine for sport and recently had a blood test which showed a gfr of 61. I had been told by one gp to return for a blood test in a year. However another gp has suggested stopping creatine supplementation for 3 weeks, drinking lots of water and reducing protein intake and then redoing the bloods to see how my kidney function is. Has anyone experienced gfr to then dramatically increase after stopping creatine supplementation? I have read creatine and exercise can affect gfr readings but I am unsure to what extent.

I’m 33 and don’t have any other conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. My blood test was done after a 12 hour fast. The gp did mention that there were a couple of indicators slightly elevated that might suggest id recently had some sort of infection.

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Hi, I think I would stop the supplementation as we’ll control the amount of protein. Just based on my knowledge.

blood test GFR is solely based on creatinine level is the blood. Do you have protein in your urine? I weightlift, have a high protein intake and I do have high blood pressure. I take lisinopril. My GFR once came in at 77. I was consuming a lot of red meat. Like three times a day. So my creatinine level is my blood was near the high range but I did not have protein in my urine. I did a repeat test where I didn’t workout the day before, ate my normal

Protein amount but with chicken instead. GFR went to 88, a repeat test 6 months later had me at 88 again. Also my GP referred me to a nephrologist who also told me lisinopril lowers GFR calculations because it allows creatinine to continue to circulate by passing the kidneys.

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Thank you both for your replies. I saw another GP today and I will have repeat blood tests on Friday along with a urine test.

Rlukas79 what do you do about your red meat consumption now? Have you cut it down?

have you gotten you blood test after stopping creatine? i'm in the same situation as you...i was actually feeling dizzy and shortness of breath and went to a urgent care...i got blood test done and i too had a egfr of 61...i've prob been taking creatine for years and i'm hoping that was was raised my creatinine levels.

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Hi, yes I got it tested after stopping it and it went to 70. Definitely staying off of it now.

I requested some blood tests from 10 years ago and egfr was 77. Back then I was probably close to my ideal body weight so I think my kidneys have always been a bit lazy. After all my training I’m about 21kg above ideal body weight - I’ve read that having higher than normal muscle mass can also make it look like the kidneys are worse than what they are.

Gp wants me to have another test, along with urine, in November - hoping it stays around 70 now.

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