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Joint pains due to uric acid build up!


Hi friends:

One of my hand joints is suffering from enormous pain due to high uric acid build up. What should I do? I heard high serum uric acid negatively affects my kidneys in the long run.

I need a few tips.

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I would suggest seeing a doctor as I would not think it would be normal to get extreme pain at your early stage. I have cherry juice which helps my gout but I am at stage 5. In summary see your doctor.

SamuelChin in reply to rabbit01

I will definitely discuss with my doctor. My eGFR is 103. This is not normal.

Thank you!

rabbit01 in reply to SamuelChin

Yes certainly discuss. Best of luck and let's hope they can sort it out for you. It may not have anything to do with your kidneys. Please get them to check your egfr as well as it does not make sense to have 103 (in UK, I guess it could be quoted different in other locations) In UK eGFR is expressed as a percentage. If your eGFR was 103 then you would have better than perfect kidneys. Wishing you well.

Hi SamuelChin,

I definitely agree with rabbit01 that you should have a chat with your doctor. You may find this information useful regarding raised uric acid levels in CKD:

Edinburgh Renal Unit - Gout &

Best wishes.

MAS Nurse and Moderator

Hi Sam,

Rabbit beat me to the punch.

I strongly agree that it is in your best interest both emotionally and physically to give your nephrologist a call and meet with him.

You are doing so well that it is a shame to suffer and worry.

Until your doctor confirms this, you don't know the cause. Additionally, discuss remedies to reduce the high uric acid build up.

Message me and let me know what the doctor has to say.

I care!


PS: Thanks Rabbit!

SamuelChin in reply to Bet117

Thank you!

Talk with your doctor regarding this for sure. When I was in CKD I also had high uric acid. I was also told to drink unsweetened cherry juice and was also put on allopurinol. After my transplant my uric acid returned to normal. Good luck with this.

I am at CKD level 3b and have high uric acid. My PD prescribed a gout medicine and it has helped. I do not have gout and Doctor determined it is related to CKD. My painful joints are related to osteoarthritis. Everyone's situation can be different, Best to work with your Doctor to determine the reasons for the symptoms.

My uric acid was high for a year and I've had gout in the past. My primary put me on 300mg Allopurinol after my nephrologist ok'd it. Doesn't filter through kidneys my nephrologist office said.

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