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Kidney cancer survivor

Hi! I am a 62 year old female who was diagnosed with kidney cancer last March after a radical nephrectomy was performed. Luckily this was found by my primary care doctor after finding microscopic blood in my urine during a complete physical and insisting that I go for a cat scan. I had no symptoms so I was shocked.

My kidney function tanked after surgery as expected to an eGFR of 38. 6 months after surgery it was still at 38 so I was diagnosed as stage 3 kidney disease. The doctors had expected it to go up. I decided to go see a nutritionist who put me on a low protein diet. After 3 months on my strict diet and starting my day with 2 glasses of lemon water and a large glass of celery juice, I am happy to report that my eGFR went up to 44 and my creatinine level went from 1.4 down to 1.23. I just saw my urologist and he said my blood work is A++ for someone with one kidney!

I will keep doing what I am doing and I hope to increase my kidney function even more. Food is powerful along with exercise.

I wish everyone on this forum good health. It has been really helpful for me to read your stories and wanted to share mine. I am still working on trying to control my blood pressure which has been a challenge . I will be happier when that is figured out! The medication seems to work for a while but then it gets high again after my body adjusts to it. If anyone else has or had this problem I would love to hear from you!


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